A bright copper smell filled the air as blood spattered scross my face, each droplet burning exstacy. I clamped my mouth upon its face, and inhaled deeply of its dieing breath, filling my lungs with the sweetness of its terror and despair. I flung the now empty sack of flesh and bones away. My teeth sang in their sockets, my bones screaming. Each footfall felt like miles as I raced through the streets. Soon enough others would discover the shattered vessel, and the cry would be raised again.

Still, time enough. I could feel another. Rare for a town such as this to have two; the gods (hah! what gods?) in their perversion must be smiling on me.

There! In the temple! I could feel its purity, a nimbus of untainted love, even through the the thick stone walls. Such irony, to revere whatever it is that made me as I am.

I bounded to the temple’s front, finding the doors open. As I silently crossed the threshold into the cavernous sanctum, I saw it kneeling at the altar, chanting softly. Though my heart pounded like timpani in some demented chorus, it did not hear me.

Perhaps a draft gave me away. My skin carried the smell of blood and offal, the perfume of my soul. But still, too late. As its eyes widened and its mouth opened to inhale, I was upon it. Its eyes were riveted to mine as my nails tore into its flesh. I could see its realization of its doom, such a beautiful sight. Again the air misted with blood, burning bright, lightning bolts to my very core.

I left the torn sack draped across the altar, and ran out into the streets, howling with joy. Two in one morning! Sated, for now, it was time to go. With my teeth singing almost unbearably, and electric fire running through my veins, I ran into the rising sun.


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