Monthly Archives: November 2013

No One’s Watching

No one’s watching
I’m streaming live
We’re in the middle of round two
And I’m tapping on the phone
No one’s watching
Call it performance art
On a very weird and slow night

Posted from my phone.


Live From Mickey D’s

Belly full to overflowing
A few fries left on the tray
A hearty belch becomes impromptu throat singing
Neighboring diners startle
As I’m grinning tapping
But I don’t care
I feel good right now
As I gather my gear
To bundle up
And enjoy my walk home

Posted from my phone.


Cash will arrive soon
At least that’s the plan
I can’t believe how excited I am
The possibility to bundle up
Trudge across frozen tundra
Eat a Big Mac

(Is it hypocritical
enjoying the food I use in derogatory ways
in my jibbers and spews?)

Meat has not passed my lips in weeks
I’m pooping rabbit turdlets
I want to take a shit again
Sit on the can for ten minutes
Smoking and reading
Letting the turds splash
Wallow in my own miasma
Not sit down
I’m done

Cash will arrive soon

Day Off

The folks south of the border
Are making pigs of themselves
Celebrating friendship turned genocide
As I sit here alone
With no work to do
Enjoy your feast
I’ll make do with emptiness

Posted from my phone.

Fire Dances

Flames crackle and dance
My thoughts turn to romance
And your sweet brown eyes crinkling
As I close in, thinking
To steal a kiss

00 fire-girl-1280x800Devil eyes
Desire sighs
From your lips
My fingertips
Long to linger
Across your face
Into space
Burning bright
Feeds the flame
That is your name

00 cat fire-cat

Sitting by the fire
Flames lovingly consume the wood
As my desire
Wicks my soul into the night
Soft alpine ashes
Rise into the gloaming
Butterfly lashes
As my thoughts go roaming
Once more to you

I Wish I Were A Dog

I wish I were a dog
I could jump on her lap
And kiss her face
And she’d giggle
Instead of screaming
I could lick her nose
And she’d ruffle my hair
I could nibble on her ear
Bury my face in her crotch and snorfle
If I were a dog
Instead of an old man

Posted from my phone.

Cheap Ass Motherfucker

Because my client fucked up their books
I’ve been sitting here with rumbling tummy
For almost two weeks now

What they have tied up in their fiddlefarting
Is my food
My rent
My internet

I ran out of Top Ramen yesterday
I ran out of tea today
My rent is due
My internet is past due
Pay me what you owe me

I wish I could fucking afford
A fucking Big Mac
On my fucking birthday
But no

Because of your fuck ups
I’m starving, with empty tummy
I’m raiding ashtrays, rolling butts to smoke
I’m in danger of being cut off from the outside world
I’m in danger of being homeless
For the third time this year
Fuck you
Pay me what you owe me


I have to put up a front today
I must be cheerful and happy to the hoi polloi
After all
I have a party to throw
And prizes to give away
But I’m hungry


I’m just minding my own business
Sitting in the living room reading
My roommate shoves a bowl in my face
Cranks some tunes
Good tunes
Tunes that clench my fists
Make me want to strangle long maple
While caressing it softly
The intricate dichotomy
Dance my fingers on fat wired strings
My legs twitch as I bounce in my chair
Wanting to strut
Wanting to stalk
Wanting to glare you in the eye
Wanting to scream
Wanting to snarl
As I beat my mistress
Into moaning eargasm

Posted from my phone.

Phone Poem 253

I try to forget
Being in your life
It doesn’t work

Posted from my phone.