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Haiku In G Minor Diminished

So yeah, New Years Eve
Sitting alone in the crowd
Roll another joint

Soon they’ll take off
And I’ll be left here alone
To think of you

So what now?
As we spark up the joint
And get stoned

Oh well
Another night

Isn’t it?

Fuck me

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And If I Die Before I Wake

I think I write
And spew these thoughts
So I can prove to myself
That I actually exist
Hello future me
I wrote this
These are my words
Vapors from my emptiness

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Haiku 1118

Drifting off to sleep
I’m thinking of you again
I wish you sweet dreams

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Rambling From A Dirty Old Man

A sweet young lady came by for a visit
Thirty three years the distance between us
Raven plumage that falls to her waist
Lips that smile and beg for a taste
Eyes mischievous children that should be spanked
And sent to bed

The inner old man leers
The outer old gimp clears
A space for beauty to reside
Conveniently right by my side
I roll a joint, spark, and pass
Of course, first to the lass
Now they’re all sitting there gaming
I’m sitting here on the phone playing
Her perfume wafting through my nose
Sends shivers coursing to my toes
And my thoughts go wandering

How I’d like to bend her over the table
One leg up at an awkward angle
Grab her hair, silky and fine
Enter her inner core from behind
Pull her head back, stretching her throat
Bite on her neck, my lips feeling her moans
Slide a hand to squeeze her breast
Pinching her nipple with every thrust
Reaching down further to feather her yoni
Licking the sweat from the heat of her glowing

Good thing she won’t read any of this
I think she’d be royally pissed
Probably she’d pull out a gun
And shoot me before I could run

Posted from my phone.

La Vida Alta

Setting sun blinding
I sit rocking in my chair
La Vida Alta

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Christmas Eve Haiku 149

Trying to forget
But I called you anyway
I love you, baby

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Waiting For My Ride

Christmas Eve day
Wanting to cry
Wanting to scream
This never ending nightmare dream
I can feel your presence
I can almost reach out and touch you
But here I sit

Posted from my phone.

How The Hell Did You Get Your Name, Anyway?

In my video gaming daze
Era: the pong craze
A recurring phrase
I often would say:
Blip, blip, motherfucker!

In a film I endorse heartily
Featured in the credits proudly
My sister was bitten by a møøse soundly
Anyway, this beast is known by
Ralph the Wonder Llama

I’m a sluggard, I take thing slow
Use lots of lube, go with the flow
You’d be surprised at the things that I know
Living down here alone in my hole
I’m a slug

BlippyTheWonderSlug is my full moniker
But most sites I visit suppurate and canchre
When presented with a name of that stature
So of necessity I’m forced to fracture
To BlippyTheSlug


I ate some cheese and crackers
They tasted really great
Then I started up the tractor
And dug up Sharon Tate

Her long dead corpse was well preserved
Her pale dead skin unblemished
It took some effort, I persevered
But finally I was finished

Her cold cold body lies on my bed
As I get undressed
Now it’s time to get some head
Necrophiliac obsessed

Face Fuck

Give it to me baby hot and nasty
Drop to your knees enjoy the repast eee-
Yah! Watch your teeth girl stroke it and lick it
Cock slidin’ in to your uvula stick it
Grab a hank o’ hair grab your ears shove my dick in
Mascara running down your face cuz your eyes be leakin’
Garg! Garg! Cant understand what you be sayin’
Pull your head back watch the throat juice sprayin’
Lay back on the bed
Put your head over the edge
Get the jaws of life spread
Here comes the meat sledge
Balls deep slappin’ nose
Slobber flying on our clothes
One more shove out it goes
DNA esophagus