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What’s a metaphor?
It’s to keep grazing cows in
You can lead a horticulture
But you can’t make her like Beethoven


Fragment 1235

yeppe, esay
soy el jefe
sluggo loco
navigando el barrio
se acostó
las chicas piden a gritos

Haiku 451

Three ladies came by
And sat in the living room
I packed the bong full

Giggling, chattering
Deux brune et un jolie blonde
Sadly, they must go

Erotic daydreams
Memories, fantasies mixed
I’ve done this before

Posted from my phone.

The Water Cycle

As pearls form around irritations in the flesh of an oyster
Do clouds form around irritations in the flesh of the wind
Be it dust, or ice diamonds flash frozen from within
Once a core is present, the molecules cluster

Love Me Like A Reptile

M’aimer comme un reptile
Se pencher, fendre d’un sourire
Manger de la merde et mourir

Elf Girl

Elf girl, elf girl
How I’d love to give you a whirl
Run my fingers through your silken fine hair
Taste the sweat from the regions down there
Feel your long legs wrapped around my head
The heat of your passion rising up from the bed
Your fingers clutching my hair
Your lungs gasping for air
Your voice shrieking to nameless gods

Elf girl, elf girl
Sucking on your straw
Not knowing the thoughts that lurk in my mind
Imagining how you’d look from behind
The bones of your spine as you’re arching your back
The cleft of your cheeks at the top of your crack
Your face sideways biting the pillow
Face flushed red in the heat of your glow
Gasping nameless gods

Elf girl, elf girl
Tapping on your phone
How I wish you’d tarry a while
Look on these old eyes with a smile
But I know that it will never be
Except in the dreams
Of nameless gods

Posted from my phone.

Canadian Spring

Sitting on the porch
I’m enjoying the sunshine
Reading my Kindle

Smoking cigarettes
Playing fetch with the puppy
It’s almost freezing

Posted from my phone.

Happy Easter

Cannibalism most holy
Washes away our sins
Consume the undead flesh
Drink the undead blood
The zombie god beckons
While it’s minions fornicate
With the child that is pure
Mindless masses follow
Hanging on every lie
Believing every untruth
Sheep led to slaughter
This charnel house
Of cannibalism most holy

Exercise In Mysogeny

One day long, long ago
There lived a woman who didn’t bitch
Who scratched her man’s every itch
Who didn’t wheedle, nag, or whine
Who’s laughter made drunk like the finest wine
But it was long ago
And just that one day

Haiku 1138

Here I am again
Putting on my best dream suit
To ask you to dance