Monthly Archives: April 2014

Breakfast Nook

Will you be my breakfast nook?
Nibble on you while reading a book?
Wet my finger to turn pages
Acting like we’re quarter our ages

I’d write these to you directly
But people would get the wrong idea
So I’ll do it circumspectly
When I tell you I want to hear you scream



Just got off the phone
Talking to my oldest boy
It’s his 28th birthday
Happy he’s doing so well
Heartbroken I’m so far away

Haiku 333

I just want to say
With the weather warming up
Hooray for boobies!

Posted from my phone.

Untitled 553

I saw a woman at Sobeys
A redhead in yoga pants
Wearing a jacket that said
“Shut Up And Kiss Me”
I wanted to
But I know what would happen


Murder most foul
Bubbling demons howl
More dead girls glow
Souls through the bowl
Dead girls wrapped in paper
Follow moments later
Dead girls consumed by fire
Burning brain live wire

Time Travel Verb Conjunctions

I still dream of you
Almost every night
I know
That the you I dream of
Isn’t the you you are
And the you you are
Rarely dreams of me


Can I just say
You look very edible today
I wanna start on the lobe of your ear
Paying attention along the way
Nibble my way to your rear

Wants and Needs

I don’t need Cialis
All I need is the sound of your voice

I don’t need Viagra
All I need is the smell of your hair

I don’t need pornography
All I need is you next to me

Tanka 319

The work day endeth
Time for fresh tea and a snack
Wish I could nibble on you
I do, in my dreams
In all the nooks and crannies


You know

If you park your car
Five feet further back
That ice bank blocking your door
Would be gone by now

If you pay attention to your dog
Some basic training beyond “No!”
Give him just a little bit
And he wouldn’t jump in everyone’s face

If you put something back
Where it belongs
Instead of lying wherever you’re done
You’d find it again

If you leave leftovers
In the fridge for weeks
Why are you surprised
When it turns green and hairy