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Tweet 1120

And so it begins
As the day ends
My eyelids slide shut
You flicker onto their backside
And I’m content
If I don’t wake
I died happy
With you


I Love You, But Fuck You

Fuck this noise, I’m done with you
Tired of my heart being screwed
The past few months when I’ve tried to call
Your phone tells me to go take a fall
I messaged you on our anniversary
Just to see
I you were alive

Silence after that
Still I called, the schedule set
By a decade of calling every Sunday
Same time each week, never varied
Each call tearing my soul asunder:
Not accepting calls from this number

I love you, baby
Thoughts of you still make me smile
I’ll always love you

You know my number
If you want to talk, call me
Otherwise, fuck off

Is It Strange?

Is it strange that I think of you?
That I imagine the slippery things we’d do
If we were so fortunate
That our time and space coordinates
Were to coincide? What a ride!

Is it strange that I imagine you
Hair damp and stringy, limbs askew?
Smiling up at me from below
Radiant in the afterglow
Of sweaty sex; we’re not done yet!

Is it strange that I think of your thighs
Pressing my ears to my heads side
While your fingers tear my hair
And my tongue finds that spot right there?
Off the ledge, over the edge…

Is it strange that I imagine your tummy
Your breasts, your skin, tasting so yummy?
Sweet geography worth a long exploration
Lips expressing adoration
Along the way
As we play

Disappointed Space Voyager

sad astronaut feeding pigeons

When I watched the Moon Landing
Back in nineteen sixty nine
I didn’t think I’d be writing this from here
At this point in time

I thought I’d be on Mars
Or living on a Lagrange Point station
The Moon at the very least
Untwinkling stars receiving my oblation

Watching Star Trek
Lost In Space, Land of the Giants
I had such hope
But all those dreams
Those hopes, those aspirations
All went up in smoke

We took that first step
Then turned around and went home
Built some golf carts
To putter around our front lawn

Two of five blew up
Built by the lowest bidder
But that’s what happens
When you toss NASA into the shitter

sad astronaut tv

Braggadocio Haiku

I’m glad I’m sterile
Busy as I’ve been lately
I don’t have to worry

Haiku 1136

As I try to sleep
The moon keeps laughing at me
You can’t sleep yet, boy!


Another Monday, I’m still here
Wondering what I’m doing here
Nothing ever happens here
Because here
Is where you’re not

Haiku 944 / Sweet Dreams

If I die tonight
Someone will find my body
Nobody would know

Nobody would care


I didn’t call my ex today
A decades tradition
Because she doesn’t care anyway
And I don’t want
The pain I always feel
When I tell her
I love you
And say goodbye

It hurts
Not calling her
But not as bad
As carving her name
On my soul

Posted from my phone.

Haikutankufart 1041

I can hear the wind
Leaves and branches rustling
Outside my window
Carrying thoughts of you
Farther away