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As I sit here
With alcohol coursing through my veins
And she prepares her own breakfast
Half a world away
I think about her hair
Entwined in my fingers
Saffron silk
Her skin between my lips
Alabaster opium my addiction

To feel
As she screams incoherent sounds
Understood only by the gods
And her muscles quiver beneath my hands
As exquisite sounds
From her throat
Drift to my ears
And exquisite tastes
From her
Drift to my nose and mouth

I reach out to an empty glass
I sigh, and think about the lass
I stumble up to get another
Ice cold Kokanee, brother!
Sit back down
And once more play the clown

Imagining waking to her on my bed
Smelling of the hours before
My sterile seed oozing out from within her still
And the taste of her shoulder
I think of waking her slowly
In the best way I know
Breakfasting on sighs
From her thighs

Should she read these words I’m writing
Good thing! Cuz I’m inviting
You to come
As soon as you can


Tuesday Afternoon On The Porch (A Slightly Deconstructed Sonnet)

Done with work, I’m enjoying my day
Out on the porch as the world goes its way
Roll up a ciggy, give it a light

Such a beautiful day; O what a plight
The egg in my pocket has a few hoots of stash
Very shortly some will become ash
As soon as I’m done writing the sonnet
I’m going to put some of that stuff upon it
Traffic and birds go whizzing on by
Ya know what? Fuck it. It’s time to get high

Ash and smoke drift through the air
A smile on my face, away drift my cares
Feeling so suave and so debonair
Sitting in the shade on my derriere

Untitled 121

Molecules of us
Dancing in the air
Aromatic amino acid strings
On vomeronasal receptors
Lizard brain leaps
Into conflagration

Tweet 1115

On hold
In Louisiana
Desires well
To eat crawdads
Drink shine from a jar
Dance with a Creole Queen
And howl on the bayou

Saturday Bus Ride

In order for my net not to go down
I ride the bus clear across town
To pay my bill there at their office
An hour each way on public conveyance

Blue haired girl stares
As I ascend the stairs
To the rear of the bus
I like your hair
Smile from the stare
The back is empty, no fuss
I sit, smell the air
Breeze from open window there
And off we go!

Hummocks and hillocks on the road
Buttocks on seats shifting their load
Lurching and swaying around the bends
Grinning at our bouncing on our ends

Blue haired girl pops a barrel of pens
A rainbow of hues, she opens the end
Pulls one out
And tries to doodle, with us lurching about

I can’t help but grin watching her try
Her pen jumping, careening, threatening to fly
She gives up after a bit
LURCH! We hadda stop quick.

At the next stop
A pink haired girl climbed up
Saw blue haired girl and lit up
They sat together and nattered away
Pink and blue heads bobbing as they had their say
I was sitting just a few seats away
The words they were using were drifting my way
And they rambled poetic, their words had a sway
I’m not making this up, they came out that way

I so wanted to jump in
But no, I know they’d perceive sin
Despite innocent intention
Old men alone give a different impression
Which sucks hairy donkey balls
But what can ya do? Anyway…

After they got off
I sat and stared at the world
As we traveled through

I got to my stop
Went in and paid the cable
Out for the next bus

Little old lady
Asks if she could bum a smoke
I give her a smoke

We smoke in silence
Waiting for the next bus to come
We both climb on

She sits in the front
I continue to the back
And take the last row

Just smile! someone wrote
With a blue felt tip marker
I sit down and grin

A gaggle of girls came on
I say girls, but they were women
In their mid twenties, I’d imagine
They sat all around me
Prattled on in Tagalog
I was grinning inwardly

Because one
I don’t know which one
Had that smell

There are no words
Below thoughts, below consciousness
Deep in my lizard brain

Squirming in my seat, I watched the world go by
Listening to island talk, swaying side to side
Eventually they got off, I could reach in and readjust
I really hate getting a boner while riding on the bus

After I got home again
I chatted with a long lost friend
Whom I’ve always had the hots for
I still can’t believe she’s coming to my door
As a living birthday present
I hope nothing goes wrong between now and then

Now it’s time to make some dinner
So this is the end. See ya later!

Tweet 238

That hair
Those eyes
Honeyed voice
Soft sighs
Is it any wonder
I’ve disappeared, under
Her spell

Time Travel Conundrums

Have I entered the twilight zone?
Is this some sort of bizarre cosmic joke?
That girls from my past come forth
And long thought dead embers
become raging conflagrations?
Same moth, I
Same flame, she
Twenty eight years past
I refused to fly then
For honor
Meine Ehre heißt Treue
Older, skinnier, greyer
I would fly now
Older, larger, redder
The flame still beckons

There’s always a but
Confusion runneth rampant beside
Consuming passion, causing divide
Of gut

One side dancing
Happy Happy Joy Joy
One side againsting
What the fuck you doin’, boy?

If she were to come so far
As knocking here upon my door
I would not, could not, deny her
But ten hours of tweet, text, and phone
Being a reason for contintental roam
Is throwing gasoline onto a fire

It burns
So good


Frenzied thoughts fly through my brain
Burning fire, searing flame
Rousing passions I can’t explain

Sparks long ago left by the side
Spring to life, intensified
From years and years of having to hide

Out of the blue the past descends
No time to prepare defense
All I can do is wing it and dance

Bad Moon Rising

BMR banner 1

Bad Moon Rising

Thank you to our sponsor: DojoTrade

What is it?

Bad Moon Rising is a Vintage format double elimination tournament. We start with X rounds of Swiss pairing, and proceed normally. When your record reaches X-2, you’re eliminated.

When is it?

Bad Moon Rising happens once (sometimes twice) a month on the evening of the (astronomical) full moon at 1600 UTC or 830PM EST, depending on if it’s a weekend or weeknight. Our next event will be:

Bad Moon Rising #8
Tuesday, February 3, 830PM Eastern
Players, pairings, and standings can be found here.

Where is it?

Games will be played on MTGO in Play Lobby: Constructed Open Play > Getting Serious.

Game chat and instructions happen in the Bad Moon room. Join channel #BadMoon from your new chat window.

Does it cost anything?

Bad Moon Rising is free to enter! There is absolutely no cost – other than your time – to play.

How do I register?

You may register for an upcoming event at any time on Gatherling. Registration closes at 830PM Eastern sharp.

Simply log onto Gatherling, go to your “Player CP”, and in the list of events, click “Register” for the event you want to play in. This will take you to a screen where you enter your decklist. Paste your decklist in here.

Gatherling registration closes at event start time! Once the train leaves the station, it’s too late to jump on.

What can I win?

The winner of  Bad Moon Rising will receive 35 bot credits on DojoTrade.

The runner-up will receive 15 bot credits on DojoTrade.

How do I collect my prizes?

Credits will be automatically added to you account on DojoTrade. If you do not currently have an account, one will be created for you with your playername. No action from you is neccessary.


There will be sharks. Oh, yes. There will be sharks.


Fine print

  • Event will be X rounds of Swiss pairing based on participation; there will be no Top (x) playoff.
  • Event will be double elimination; once your record reaches X-2, you’re out.
  • Event will continue until 1 player remains.
  • All pairings and standings will be generated via Gatherling.
  • Deck changes between games are not allowed.
  • Games are played in the Getting Serious Play Lobby. Games must be set as Vintage, watchable, timed at 25 minutes, best 2 of 3, and be marked “Bad Moon Round x”.
  • First person listed makes table. Players have 10 minutes to make and join tables from time of pairings announcement.
  • Bullying, mobbing, foul language, & general rudeness will not be tolerated. This includes “snide remarks” about decks/playing ability, personal attacks, racial slurs, etc. A player will get 1 warning, then be ejected from event. Further violations after ejection may be cause for suspension from Bad Moon Rising play.
  • Talking during other players games is not allowed. You may chat – within the guidlines above – within your own game. Violations by non event participants may be screenshot & reported to WotC for harassment.
  • Results must be posted via Gatherling Player CP before intermission. Results posted in the FNS chat room, or via PM, will be ignored. Results not posted before intermission will be declared a 0-0 draw.
  • For the purposes of this event, a draw is equal to a loss.
  • WotC employees are welcome to play, but are ineligible for any prizes. We request no “shop talk”, unless prior arrangements are made.
  • “Double Queueing” is not allowed. If you are found playing in another event, including WotC events, during Bad Moon Rising, you may be dropped from Bad Moon Rising.

What about…?
If you need further information, or have a question, feel free to contact me online.


It’s Friday morn, I’m working on the phone
She sexts me porn, she wants to bone
Wondering what to do
She just wants to screw

She isn’t what I wanted
What I thought, no
She’s not even worth holding open the door
She doesn’t talk
She just wants to fuck, yeah
That’s not what I’m really looking for

Uh uh!
Uh uhh uhh uh Uh uh!

I’m getting dressed to go outside
Go have a smoke, try to decide
Steamy sex is fun
But she’s not the one

She isn’t what I wanted
What I thought, no
She’s just a junkie wanting her next score
She doesn’t talk
She just wants to fuck, yeah
That’s not what I’m really looking for

Uh uh! (Hey!)
Uh uhh uhh uh Uh uh! (Hey! Hey!)
Uh uh! (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Uh uhh uhh uh Uh uh!