Monthly Archives: August 2014

Sniffing A Young Girl’s Nether Regions

I spent a pleasant morning sleeping in
After waking I crept into the back yard
Spending some time aimlessly wandering
Watching the girls as they’re playing hard
Dancing in the sunshine, waving their arms
Skirts blow in the breeze revealing their charms

I bury my face in her budding yoni
Tiny hairs sprout where limbs come together
Gently tickling my nose like a feather
As I inhale deeply and so slowly
The scent from her skin sends bolts through my skull
Her skirts in my fingers as I burrow
I glance at her sister, my breath at null
Then inhale once more of her heady glow

Please take a moment and realize
The girls are green plants, not a real girl’s thighs
Lucious ladies about waist high
Starting to show their blooms on the sly


Bad Pain Day

It’s a bad pain day today
With every beat of my heart
Fire ripples through my soles
Even sitting down
With my feet flat
Resting on the floor
It’s agony on the bottom of my feet

A day of pretending takes its toll
Pretending I can stand on the porch
To smoke a cigarette
While my feet are screaming to sit down

Tomorrow I’ll have to brace up my boots
And make my way downtown
Saturday I’ll have to do it again
Except this time way ‘cross town

Hopefully today’s an aberration
Some illness or inflammation
And not an indication
Of further nerve deterioration

Because if this is how it’s going to be
Excruciating pain all I can see
I’m not sure what the point would be

If you can walk, you can’t understand
I used to hunt and hike
Ride in the mountains on my bike
Now I can barely stand

The pain that I feel on a daily basis
If suddenly inflicted
I think in most cases
Would make one gasp and cry
Fall to the ground and cry
Weep and want to die


I watch the news
And glad
I no longer live there


To everyone I love
I am but a distant memory
Faded photos in a box


In between rounds, I’m thinking of you
The various wonderful things we would do
When you deign to brighten my doorstep
Thinking about the preps for the trip
Getting your passport in order
So you can cross the border

Thinking about when I pick you up
If we’d even make it to the truck
Before we become rutting beasts
Devouring you in public feast