Monthly Archives: September 2014


Why do I even bother?
I’m not happy
I haven’t been happy
Since we’ve been apart

I pass the days
Weeping often
The old couples I see
In my day to day life
I used to think that would be us
I still love you
And would die in your arms

I weep that to you
To our sons, our friends, our family
I am but a distant memory
Fading with each heartbeat

I weep when I hear your voice in the morning
Telling me it’s time to wake up
I know it’s not real
I’m alone in my bed

I weep when I see other couples
Have couples moments
I remember ours

I weep when I talk to women
That make my dick hard
And sing to my soul
They’re not you

I weep at all the love I have to give
With no one to give it to
I have nothing else
You saw to that

I weep that all my worldly possessions
Shabby and well used, all
I can reach out and touch
From where I sit

I weep that my life is so empty
Without you in it

I think
The only reason I’m still alive
Is I’m too chickenshit to pull the trigger