Monthly Archives: November 2014

Muddled Lamentations

It’s been bad lately
I know the rot in my heart
Would be better expunged with open airing

I know this

My words over the years bear witness
To the pain I feel every day

But lately
I just don’t give a fuck
About anything

I go through the motions
Waking up, feeding myself
Trying to earn my way
Every day
And every day
It gets harder

I know not producing means not earning
I know I’ll be hungry by next week

I know I’ll be disappointed again on my birthday
When no one calls
Except my mother

More so on Thanksgiving
When I call
To reassure myself
That the people I love are still alive

I wouldn’t know otherwise

I know I’ll spend Christmas alone
In an empty house
Forgotten by everyone who means anything to me
I’ll pick up the phone and call
I’ll tell them I love them
I’ll sound happy
But my vision will be blurry
And my heart oh so heavy

They’ll forget me again as soon as I hang up

Every day it gets harder
To not burst into tears




I wake in the morning
And the first thing I see
Over a decade, every morning
Is her, smiling and beautiful:
Our sons, our dogs, our yard, our life

It hurts

So bad

I know I’m alone
I’m surrounded by strangers
No one in my life right now
Is more than a passing acquaintance
A name on a screen

I want to love
I have so much love in me
I want to give
I want to free my heart
Passion pours out from me
To fall on deaf ears

I’m going to die alone

I could be dead now
Who’d know?

Except I’m still breathing


Crying Into My Whiskey

Frenzied fragmented thoughts fly through my skull
Furious functions with end result: null
Wanting to get up and do something
Sitting here having another drink
Confused and not knowing where I am going
I want to pick up rocks and start throwing

In the meantime
She’s found someone new
Life goes on
Without me

My kids don’t know me
My friends don’t remember me
My dog is long dead
Another man visits my house
And makes love
On my bed
To what was mine

Daydream 1038

Breakfast is done
Morning glory, too
Synapses snapping, I’m thinking of you
Your footprints on the inside of my skull
As you dance

Glass covered dancer in mad tarantella
Bouncing, gyrating, limbs helter skelter
Succulent flesh in revolution
Vibrating wires showering dew

Slugapalooza 2014

It’s that time again! Happy birthday to me! And what better way to celebrate turning 55 than throwing another free bash for all you MTGO players out there? And I do believe this slug knows how to party!

creation of adam pmf sm

Slugapalooza 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
830PM Eastern
X Rounds Modern, determined by attendance, followed by T8
Registration is open via Gatherling
Players, pairings, prizes, and results can be found here.

Where Does All This Happen

Games will take place in Play Lobby Constructed Open Play > Getting Serious.

Event chat, player meeting, and pairing announcements will take place in the Slug channel, Select channel #Slug from chat dropdown menu.

How Many Rounds Is It?

8-16 Players: 4 Rounds
17-32 Players: 5 Rounds
33-64 Players: 6 Rounds
65-128 Players: 7 Rounds
129+ Players: 8 Rounds

Prize Pool

Prize Distribution

Donations Are Rolling In


Face to Face Games has generously kicked in $100 store credit!


mtgo traders sm


MTGO Traders has generously kicked in $25 store credit!



Cape Fear Games has generously kicked in $25 store credit!



CardBot has generously kicked in $100 Bot Credit!


MTGO Empire 400x400

MTGO Empire has generously kicked in $100 Bot Credit!



Alphabot has generously kicked in $25 Bot Credit!

ValueBot has generously kicked in $25 Bot Credit!

cardhoarderCard Hoarder has generously kicked in $50 Bot Credit!


DojoTrade has generously kicked in $50 Bot Credit!


Wlogo WotCizards of the Coast has generously kicked in 45 (online) Modern Masters Boosters!


 Fine Print

  • All pairings and standings will be generated via Gatherling.
  • Deck changes between games are not allowed.
  • Games are played in the Getting Serious play room. Games must be set as Modern, watchable, timed at 25 minutes, best 2 of 3, and be marked “Slugapalooza Round x”.
  • First person listed makes table. Players have 10 minutes to make and join tables from time of pairings announcement.
  • Bullying, mobbing, foul language, & general rudeness will not be tolerated. This includes “snide remarks” about decks/playing ability, personal attacks, racial slurs, etc. A player will get 1 warning, then be ejected from event. Further violations after ejection may be screenshot & reported to WotC for harassment.
  • Talking in other players games is discouraged. You may chat – within the guidlines above – within your own game. Violations by non event participants may be screenshot & reported to WotC for harassment.
  • Results must be posted via Gatherling Player CP before intermission. Results posted in the Slugapalooza chat room, or via PM, will be ignored. Results not posted before intermission will be declared a 0-0 draw.
  • WotC employees are welcome to play, but are ineligible for any prizes. We request no “shop talk”, unless prior arrangements are made.
  • “Double Queueing” is not allowed. If you are found playing in another event, including WotC sanctioned events, during Slugapalooza, you may be dropped from Slugapalooza.