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Why I’m Grumpy During The Holidays

I wish I could explain
How the holidays make me feel
How every display of love
How every act of giving
How every holiday greeting
Send pain to my soul

I used to love the holidays
Back in the day
Before I was torn from my home
Before time and distance
Estranged me from everyone
And everything
I’ve ever loved

Each year the holidays get worse
Gaping pits of emptiness and yearning
So much love to give
No one to give it to
Watching everyone else

On the Solstice
And Christmas
I’ll sit here alone
New Years too
It’s easier alone
Than as a pity guest
At some one else’s fete


DIY Honey Oil

honey oil IMG_20141206_111721This is all you need to make some high quality Honey Oil from cleaning your buster. The “lab stuff”┬áis simply cheap plastic throwaway shot glasses and dixie cups, and syringes are commonly available over the counter. A Turkey Baster will do in a pinch.

honey oil IMG_20141206_113451

I use about 3/4 of a shot glass of USP 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.



honey oil IMG_20141206_113539First I set the crystal in the bottom aside.



honey oil IMG_20141206_113617

honey oil IMG_20141206_113754

I put the Pieces of the buster in a 4oz cup w/lid, and shake it up.



Then I dump the crystal I set aside earlier into the mix.

honey oil IMG_20141206_113953

honey oil IMG_20141206_114104I pull the end off a Q-tip to act as a filter, toss it in the mix, and use a syringe to draw the alcohol

honey oil IMG_20141206_114201

honey oil IMG_20141206_114414

honey oil IMG_20141206_175907

honey oil IMG_20141206_180432















I pour this into a glass dish, and set it on my PC to evaporate. This usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours.

Scrape it up with a single edged blade, and voila!