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Bad Moon Rising

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Bad Moon Rising

Thank you to our sponsor: DojoTrade

What is it?

Bad Moon Rising is a Vintage format double elimination tournament. We start with X rounds of Swiss pairing, and proceed normally. When your record reaches X-2, you’re eliminated.

When is it?

Bad Moon Rising happens once (sometimes twice) a month on the evening of the (astronomical) full moon at 1600 UTC or 830PM EST, depending on if it’s a weekend or weeknight. Our next event will be:

Bad Moon Rising #8
Tuesday, February 3, 830PM Eastern
Players, pairings, and standings can be found here.

Where is it?

Games will be played on MTGO in Play Lobby: Constructed Open Play > Getting Serious.

Game chat and instructions happen in the Bad Moon room. Join channel #BadMoon from your new chat window.

Does it cost anything?

Bad Moon Rising is free to enter! There is absolutely no cost – other than your time – to play.

How do I register?

You may register for an upcoming event at any time on Gatherling. Registration closes at 830PM Eastern sharp.

Simply log onto Gatherling, go to your “Player CP”, and in the list of events, click “Register” for the event you want to play in. This will take you to a screen where you enter your decklist. Paste your decklist in here.

Gatherling registration closes at event start time! Once the train leaves the station, it’s too late to jump on.

What can I win?

The winner of  Bad Moon Rising will receive 35 bot credits on DojoTrade.

The runner-up will receive 15 bot credits on DojoTrade.

How do I collect my prizes?

Credits will be automatically added to you account on DojoTrade. If you do not currently have an account, one will be created for you with your playername. No action from you is neccessary.


There will be sharks. Oh, yes. There will be sharks.


Fine print

  • Event will be X rounds of Swiss pairing based on participation; there will be no Top (x) playoff.
  • Event will be double elimination; once your record reaches X-2, you’re out.
  • Event will continue until 1 player remains.
  • All pairings and standings will be generated via Gatherling.
  • Deck changes between games are not allowed.
  • Games are played in the Getting Serious Play Lobby. Games must be set as Vintage, watchable, timed at 25 minutes, best 2 of 3, and be marked “Bad Moon Round x”.
  • First person listed makes table. Players have 10 minutes to make and join tables from time of pairings announcement.
  • Bullying, mobbing, foul language, & general rudeness will not be tolerated. This includes “snide remarks” about decks/playing ability, personal attacks, racial slurs, etc. A player will get 1 warning, then be ejected from event. Further violations after ejection may be cause for suspension from Bad Moon Rising play.
  • Talking during other players games is not allowed. You may chat – within the guidlines above – within your own game. Violations by non event participants may be screenshot & reported to WotC for harassment.
  • Results must be posted via Gatherling Player CP before intermission. Results posted in the FNS chat room, or via PM, will be ignored. Results not posted before intermission will be declared a 0-0 draw.
  • For the purposes of this event, a draw is equal to a loss.
  • WotC employees are welcome to play, but are ineligible for any prizes. We request no “shop talk”, unless prior arrangements are made.
  • “Double Queueing” is not allowed. If you are found playing in another event, including WotC events, during Bad Moon Rising, you may be dropped from Bad Moon Rising.

What about…?
If you need further information, or have a question, feel free to contact me online.


A Sonnet

I walked to the store to get some tobacco
Thoroughly enjoying the rising sun’s glow
Reflecting off the snowy expanse
Frozen breezes make my hair dance
My boots creak crunch creak crunch in the snow
Swaying along as I lurch to and fro
Pulling my pipe from out of my pocket
I load, spark, and puff, take off like a rocket
A cloud of billowing smoke surrounds me
I clutch at myself as I cough in a frenzy
You can’t fly on one wing, the saying goes
Another bowl is quickly enclosed
More billows of smoke pour out of my nose
Now I’m home, preparing to decompose