About Me & Slugapalooza (for Face to Face Games)

Blippy 5Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of no wealth, and no taste…

*struts about like a rooster on LSD*

I’m BlippyTheSlug, and I am an addict. I first fell into my addiction when a friend came over to our weekly Axis & Allies games and said Check this out! Before the weekend was out, I was hooked. Years passed, and I ended up in the middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan, and discovered Magic Online. I could get my fix, and I didn’t even have to wear pants! I also discovered that I like to organize and run tournaments, and soon became a mover and shaker in the online Player Run Events (PRE) scene. I organized and ran the largest (to date) PRE, in both prize support and attendance, in the history of MTGO: Ham on Wry. I’m also a Modern fanatic, and run an event every year on Modern’s “birthday”. Which would be Modern’s First, and Modern’s Second. As you may have gathered, I also write articles for various online-only card shops. (Though I hope to expand that!)

What is Slugapalooza?

I love to give back. Every year, on my birthday, I throw a PRE instead of a party. This year, I’m expanding the scope of this party to include physical prizes, as well as online prizes. I have a dream of one day being able to offer DCI/Planeswalker Points for online play. These physical prizes are a token of that dream.

What is a PRE?

Basically, a PRE is just like any other MTG tournament, except it takes place online. There is a set time, place, and format, and the players (virtually) sit across from one another and duke it out. Event winners receive prizes. The key differences (for a player) are: 1) there is no entry fee!, and 2) there are no DCI/Planeswalker Points available.

Prizes are provided by each event’s sponsors, who look upon PREs as a source of advertising, and building good online community relations. It is up to the TOs (people like me, aka “hosts”) to organize the event, find a sponsor, tell the players, etc.

Where can I find these PREs?

The best places to find these events are Gatherling (recommended), which is a community driven PRE site, and the WotC PRE Forums.

How can I enter one of these?

For my events, it’s reasonably simple. Log onto Gatherling, find the event you want to play in on your Player Control Panel, click “Register”. This will take you to a screen where you can enter your deck. Decklists are required. Since this comes up frequently, I wrote up a short “how to


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