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Citizen of No Where

I got a new roommate last night
Some young kid
Who doesn’t speak a word of German
Or English
Or Spanish

I don’t know his name
I asked downstairs
It sounded like Absel (Ahp-SEL?)
It’s eleven in the morning
And he hasn’t woken yet

I’ve been out for coffee at the mission
And used one of the Bahnhof HotSpots
Now I’m back, waiting for the mail
And I can smell him
Or it could be me
But I don’t smell like that
I think

The mail came
My circumstances
Haven’t changed
I’m still
Citizen of No Where


Du! Da!

Du! Da!
mit goldiges Haar
Komm zu mir herauf
Zum meinem Haus
Du! Da!
mit goldiges Haar


Ich wünsche ich wäre ihr Fahrradsitz
Sitzt sie dan an mein Gesichts
Ganz lecker zwischen die Scheiben
Da möchte ich gerne bleiben

It Didn’t Work

I bought a surfstick
I followed the directions
It didn’t work

I applied for a German ID
I followed the directions
It didn’t work

I went to Western Union
I followed the directions
It didn’t work

I went to my social worker
I followed the directions
It didn’t work

Germans are supposedly reknowned
For their fine engineering
For attention to detail
For everything in it’s place
It didn’t work

The only place I’ve been successful
At making a workaround
Is having Western Union
Sent to my roommate
Instead of me

So far, my stay has been shit
For which the Germans
Do have a saying:
Die Welt ist eine Scheiße

How apropos


Das Lokuspapier hier!
Immer zwei Blätter
Und zur Zeit nie hätte
Es dürchgerissen
Mit aller Schissen
Am aller besten hier
Ist das Lokuspapier

Western Union

The Western Union went through
I have money in my pocket
Food and drink in the fridge
Shortly I’ll ride that rocket
After I take a shower
I’ma get stoned. Fuck it

German Circuitry

Neun Uhr Dreizig
Under der Himmel ist Blau
Der Joint wäre schon gut
Und ich bin stoned

Mittwoch Abend mit guter Laune
Am Fenster sitzen, wie ‘ne Pflaume
Möcht ich gern ‘ne Zigarette
Dreh ich mir eine, ganz complette


My suitcase has arriven!
I took a shower
And put on clean clothes
I’m just
In my room
In the shelter

The cheapest drinks here
Are wine and beer
Coke and milk cost more
As does water
I drink white wine
One and a half liters
Of ten percent ‘Liebfraumilch’
For one eighty five
My roommate drinks the red

One of these days
I’m going to try the beer varieties
To see which one I like
I’m somewhat a beer snob
Tho I’ll drink swill
If it’s handed to me


Hospital der Heilegen Geist
Getting my lungs X-rayed
Because of my stay
At Jurrasic Park

They deem it neccessary
To get a TB exam
Jurassic Park
Is a Third World Country

Missing Missy

My roommate was gone
I watched one of our pornos
And cried afterwards