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Where Is The Love?

There is no love
In broken crags of rock
Shards of granite glowing ruby
Only beauty

There is no love
Under frozen turquoise emptiness
Only stillness

There is no love
In quiet trees draped with snow
Only silence

There is no love
In the belly of a dead elk
Only warmth


Geography, Cartography, Calligraphy

Silence envelops me
Except for my own breath, rasping
Overhead the stars disappear one by one
As darkness fades ever quicker
Racing down the spectrum
Peaks glowering rosy burst ruby
Against crimson-streaked turquoise sky
Mountains turn to shining gold
Shadows race down laughing
Emerald capped with white
And a Jay chuckles at me
“Foolish man!” he seems to say
I return his laugh softly
Little more than a billowing of my breath
As fat ol’ sun hits me square in the face
My eyes squint shut, and I see red
I feel the heat of her rays
I pull out my compass – battered and worn
I see the nipple on the southern peak through the peep
Grease numbers onto plastic
I see the nipple on the other peak – more numb3rs
Enough; I am where I need to be
I scoop snow to make a large bowl
And low walls
And I wait
The wind soft on my face
Breath billows behind me
And I wait
Slowly birdsong fills the air
The sun rises higher
There! No hesitation
My rifle comes up
My scope centers on his chest
My breath leaves my lungs
My finger squeezes
His heart stops
Red calligraphy in the snow
As I approach his trembling body
I watch calmly as his eyes glaze
And the last breath leaves his body
And I wait
I smoke a cigarette
The fun is over, now comes work
But you dont need to know
The gory details
Suffice to say:
Meat in the freezer
And an elk jacket