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Word Dances Of Seduction For ******

I. Sonnet

Daydreams of sitting under a willow
Watching the river run past
You using me as a pillow
Idly nibbling on picnic repast
In the shade sipping wine
In the sun the water shines
In the air magic shimmers
Idle chirping from nearby birds
Adds melody for dancing words
As conversation simmers
The rest of this dream is not fit
For your sweet eyes to yet visit
So rather than continue to write it
I think that I’ll just end it

II. Madrigal

Luna looms large in my heart
Her gravity causing tides
Of blood
Of sweat
Of tears
Of thoughts flowing free with nowhere to hide
Of sighs

Under her gaze, I like to celebrate
To laugh, and sing, and procreate
Even though I now shoot blanks
I still joyfully shout out my thanks
Given even half a chance