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Phone Poem 850

Trying to kick it back in
Jump off
Ride the whirlwind
And begin:

Another night blazed with the kids
As they play at their vids
I joke about finding my corpse
I kid, without remorse
About burying the body in the garden

But underneath, I’m dead serious
When my chest dances delirious
It scares the bejesus out of me
And I long for a bottle in front of me
Or a girl to make me harden

Now I have to poop
And hope I don’t blow my guts
Right out my ass

Posted from my phone.


Scared Shitless

Are you okay?
No man
I’m pretty fucking far from okay
My heart races
My pulse flutters
A circus in my chest
While sitting here at rest
No history in my family
Of cardiac calamities
But there’s nothing about my clubfoot either
And that’s congenital
Plus post war neonatal
So yeah
I’m scared shitless

Posted from my phone.