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A Sonnet

I walked to the store to get some tobacco
Thoroughly enjoying the rising sun’s glow
Reflecting off the snowy expanse
Frozen breezes make my hair dance
My boots creak crunch creak crunch in the snow
Swaying along as I lurch to and fro
Pulling my pipe from out of my pocket
I load, spark, and puff, take off like a rocket
A cloud of billowing smoke surrounds me
I clutch at myself as I cough in a frenzy
You can’t fly on one wing, the saying goes
Another bowl is quickly enclosed
More billows of smoke pour out of my nose
Now I’m home, preparing to decompose


DIY Honey Oil

honey oil IMG_20141206_111721This is all you need to make some high quality Honey Oil from cleaning your buster. The “lab stuff”┬áis simply cheap plastic throwaway shot glasses and dixie cups, and syringes are commonly available over the counter. A Turkey Baster will do in a pinch.

honey oil IMG_20141206_113451

I use about 3/4 of a shot glass of USP 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.



honey oil IMG_20141206_113539First I set the crystal in the bottom aside.



honey oil IMG_20141206_113617

honey oil IMG_20141206_113754

I put the Pieces of the buster in a 4oz cup w/lid, and shake it up.



Then I dump the crystal I set aside earlier into the mix.

honey oil IMG_20141206_113953

honey oil IMG_20141206_114104I pull the end off a Q-tip to act as a filter, toss it in the mix, and use a syringe to draw the alcohol

honey oil IMG_20141206_114201

honey oil IMG_20141206_114414

honey oil IMG_20141206_175907

honey oil IMG_20141206_180432















I pour this into a glass dish, and set it on my PC to evaporate. This usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours.

Scrape it up with a single edged blade, and voila!

Sniffing A Young Girl’s Nether Regions

I spent a pleasant morning sleeping in
After waking I crept into the back yard
Spending some time aimlessly wandering
Watching the girls as they’re playing hard
Dancing in the sunshine, waving their arms
Skirts blow in the breeze revealing their charms

I bury my face in her budding yoni
Tiny hairs sprout where limbs come together
Gently tickling my nose like a feather
As I inhale deeply and so slowly
The scent from her skin sends bolts through my skull
Her skirts in my fingers as I burrow
I glance at her sister, my breath at null
Then inhale once more of her heady glow

Please take a moment and realize
The girls are green plants, not a real girl’s thighs
Lucious ladies about waist high
Starting to show their blooms on the sly

Tuesday Afternoon On The Porch (A Slightly Deconstructed Sonnet)

Done with work, I’m enjoying my day
Out on the porch as the world goes its way
Roll up a ciggy, give it a light

Such a beautiful day; O what a plight
The egg in my pocket has a few hoots of stash
Very shortly some will become ash
As soon as I’m done writing the sonnet
I’m going to put some of that stuff upon it
Traffic and birds go whizzing on by
Ya know what? Fuck it. It’s time to get high

Ash and smoke drift through the air
A smile on my face, away drift my cares
Feeling so suave and so debonair
Sitting in the shade on my derriere

Untitled 450

Alex asks
Hopeless tasks
Wednesday night
Starting right
Smoke a bowl
Inhale slow
Gettin high
Wave bye bye


Murder most foul
Bubbling demons howl
More dead girls glow
Souls through the bowl
Dead girls wrapped in paper
Follow moments later
Dead girls consumed by fire
Burning brain live wire

Untitled 341

Another afternoon wasted away
Got a few things done that pay
So I can sit here with a smile
Tarry a while
Let the words tumble from my fingers
See if they become singers
Or slingers
Of shit

We’ll see
So far, nothing much to see
Another rivulet of asparagus pee

The kids are home, one’s asleep
The other out here watching TV
The 100, to be precise
Is the program on the viewing device
And Megan is here visiting as well
Glazed eyes gazing at the hell

We just finished a round of bong hits
So yeah, we’re all sitting here kinda blitzed
They’re so quiet
My typing sounds like a riot
Of clicks

But still, there’s nothing here to see
Just rhyming words. Tee hee hee
But I’m getting too silly
So I’ll just say see ya!

Another Bowl

Lunchtime on a Wednesday dreary
As I fill the bong with water clearly
And add ice to fill to the neck
I spark the bowl, the flames soul
Goes whooshing into flowers wrecked
Bubble bubble, heartache and trouble
Flee gently from my troubled soul
And I pack another bowl

More dead girls go to their fiery demise
More drool in my brain, no surprise
As my lungs heave and cough
Cough cough cough and get off
I’m still thinking of you
After bowl two
Grind more dead girl bones
And load another bowl

No matter how or what I try
You’re always there in my souls eye
The pain of knowing you’re doing fine
While I’m not there to see you shine
I’m getting older and more decrepit
With every empty day that passes
Emptiness that overflows
I’ll try and plug it with another bowl

Phone Poem 850

Trying to kick it back in
Jump off
Ride the whirlwind
And begin:

Another night blazed with the kids
As they play at their vids
I joke about finding my corpse
I kid, without remorse
About burying the body in the garden

But underneath, I’m dead serious
When my chest dances delirious
It scares the bejesus out of me
And I long for a bottle in front of me
Or a girl to make me harden

Now I have to poop
And hope I don’t blow my guts
Right out my ass

Posted from my phone.

Phone Poem 1111

What’s it to ya?
Another beatdown ends
And I still don’t comprehend
Why the hole still hurts
Like it did at first

Fire it up
Let the smoke unwind
The turmoil in my mind
Of course it doesn’t work
Loving you still hurts

Posted from my phone.