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Serial Killa

Trudging across the snowy field
I arrive where I staked her down
She lies still. I reach down and feel
No signs of life. I mentally frown

I wanted to kill her myself
But because of piss poor planning
She lies here dead. All by herself
I won’t feel the joy of the sharing

Hacking away the ties that bind
I lift her body from the ground
Snaps issue from her icy rind
As I carry her to my compound

Distressed that she died before the kill
I hang her from the ceiling
Dismembering her perhaps would fill
The crazed longing that I’m feeling

Another Dead Girl

Her dismembered body hangs
Head down from a support
Gently swaying
Body parts lay around me
Scattered by my hand
Frenzied flaying
The smell of her skin
Oh! Such delerium!
I bury my face in her dangling corpse
I feel the stumps of her limbs
As I caress her softly


Organ Harvest

I walk into the room and I smell her stench
Pungent aromas exude from the wench
Her powerful smell inflames my senses
I can’t take any more! Killing commences
I rip her from the warmth of her bed
The first thing I do is chop off her head
I take her limbs, and tear them asunder
The air filled with the smells of my plunder
As I take her parts to hang from the ceiling
Words cannot describe the joy I am feeling
As I lay in my bed and watch her sway
Her body parts dangling in perfect array
All the bits and left over pieces
Sit drying in a bucket awaiting the freezes
When I pour liquid butane through her mortal remains
Then let it evaporate, and scrape up the stains
You may be frowning, and looking askance
But I’m not talking of a human, but a plant!