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To everyone I love
I am but a distant memory
Faded photos in a box


Braggadocio Haiku

I’m glad I’m sterile
Busy as I’ve been lately
I don’t have to worry

Haiku 1136

As I try to sleep
The moon keeps laughing at me
You can’t sleep yet, boy!

Haiku 944 / Sweet Dreams

If I die tonight
Someone will find my body
Nobody would know

Nobody would care

Haiku 347

На бескрайней степи
Лошади спать на мою кровать
Звезды мой одеяло

The Dog Ate My Bike

On the porch smoking
And I’m sitting here thinking
What is there to do

If I had a bike
I could go for a bike ride
But the dog ate it

Chewed the seat right off
Pedals gnawed to metal rods
The dog ate my bike

Posted from my phone.

Haiku 1001

The pillow beckons
Your voice whisp’ring in my thoughts
I wish you sweet dreams

Haiku 328

Earthquake Music
I feel the world shift
When you turn your eyes my way
And my world is rocked

Haiku 1003

Doux rêves, mon amour
Mon âme entre vos mains
Mon fromage d’amour

Haiku 1047

Snoring boy on couch
Snoring puppy by the door
Sleep’s cacophony