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Fragment 1235

yeppe, esay
soy el jefe
sluggo loco
navigando el barrio
se acostó
las chicas piden a gritos


Face Fuck

Give it to me baby hot and nasty
Drop to your knees enjoy the repast eee-
Yah! Watch your teeth girl stroke it and lick it
Cock slidin’ in to your uvula stick it
Grab a hank o’ hair grab your ears shove my dick in
Mascara running down your face cuz your eyes be leakin’
Garg! Garg! Cant understand what you be sayin’
Pull your head back watch the throat juice sprayin’
Lay back on the bed
Put your head over the edge
Get the jaws of life spread
Here comes the meat sledge
Balls deep slappin’ nose
Slobber flying on our clothes
One more shove out it goes
DNA esophagus

Game On 1138

fucked up alone and
got my stone on
ragin bone on
gonna get my game on
put the shame on
you, fool!
take you and abuse
drillin through yer brain on
the floor! board!
bang! yer dead
next game on
gonna bring the pain on
you, motherfucker
time to get the next
game on

Freestylin’ Again

cruisin’ down the stro’ in the 306
checkin’ out the bitches gonna show ’em some tricks
stereo thumpin’
molars jumpin’
the peeps all know when the slug is comin’
poppas grab their daughters and take off runnin’
mommas ditch their fam’lies for screamin’ funnin’
drive by blank shoot I come gunnin’
bitches love what I be stuffin’
bitches all want the big slugs lovin’
They all want the slugs hot gushin’
deep inside their hot wet muffin
smokin’ fat spliffs I be buzzin’
big fat joints that I be puffin’
so whatcha got boy? I don’t see nothin’
get up off your ass
you lazy bums
and start kickin’ it
burnin’ driveby gas
wave yer guns
start sprayin’ it
rat turds gangsta world lead words head hurled
all you homies be afraid to spit it
cuz you know the slug’ll kill it
you scared, nigger?
gasp for air, nigger?
it ain’t fair, nigger!
i’m white as cream
old and mean
still make the bitches scream
and moan
filled to overflow’n’
sexy grampa showin’ how it’s done
take yer kiddy rhymes, shoo boy! run!
you aint got nothin on this old geezer
cuz i took yer momma legs up downtown and pleased her
yo’ momma reach her hand and give my bone a squeezer
i betcha never knew that yer mom was a screamer
where ya goin’, boy? yer words done left
run home to momma and give it some rest
just remember when you cry and put your head on her breast
this ol’ slug’s the one that gave it to her best

American Cheese On White Bread w/Mayo (Freestylin’)

Ain’t no doubt that I be motherfuckiin’ spittin’
The words spewin’ out sprayin’ diarrhea shittin’
Dont give a damn if my shittin’ aint fittin’
The hip hop fans want titties not chicken
Flowin’ out fast, let ’em flood all over you
First to the last, don’t give a fuck if I’m a fool
So grab the bitch’s tits, suck those nipples
Drink the mothers milk as you give her pussy tickles
Get it flowin’ wet so it goes in slick and stick it
Pump it hard and fast pull it out and make her lick it
Gangstas of love you can take a page from me
With couple good shoves you can make the bitches scream
Four letter words in a four octave range
Roll her over in the clover and give her some strange
Ram it
Jam it
Cram it
DNA spatters on the bitch’s tramp stamp
Dammit I’m good
You know they all want that hard drivin’ wood

Breast Fed Gator Bait

Twangy guitar bouncin’ hard
With sidestick backbeat
Crawdads roastin’ on the fire
Cornshine burnin’ heat

Breast fed ‘gator bait
Comin’ atcha from the gate –
Go! I got mine so you can get –
Yo’! Everyone be gettin’ paid –
Ho’! Shakin’ everything she got –
Mo’! Smokin’ my green and I’m –
Stoned! So motherfucking –
Stoned! So motherfucking –
Stoned! So motherfucking –

Freestylin’ From My Cock

Quite stoned
Raging bone
Mr. Happy grab the ‘phone
Be spittin’ out the view
From below
Nice and slow
Goin’ through
The dance

Nice and slow
Lay you low
I know
What you want
Bringin’ out yo’ ho’
Deep inside you know
What you want
Taste the fruit
From your lips with dew
Choc’late fruit
From you
Berries from your middle
Cherries from your ears
Rings from your nipples
Things to give you tickles
Dig for gold
South of the border
Maid to order
Til you beg and plead
In the knees
As I please
Sweat flows free
From your brow
From between
Sweet tits
I fit
In between
Sweat sheen
Sweet gleam in your eye
Fountain of paradise
I go inside
Rockin’ to the rhythm
Rollin’ rampant within
Warm wet muscle clampin’
Walls clamp toes curl
Time collapses in a whirl
Call to god
Reply is hurled
Deep inside
Worlds collide
Bodies tangled
As I dangle
Sniff through the wreckage
Till I find your package
Eat what I shoot
In the boot
Give a hoot
Don’t pollute
So cute
As you scooch
And I smootch your snatch
Front to back
Lips smack
Legs buck
Head rears
Time to hit second gear
Lift that derriere
On the pillow
Heated face glow
Lungs billow
Ass cheeks quiver
Sweat pours in a river
Time to deliver
Second silver
Love spray
Across your back
Hot splat
pat pat
Shot attack
Breathe the air from your mouth
Hands roaming south
Fingers in and out
The jade gate
Thirst not slaked
Time to bake
Your pie
Grinning eye
I slide
Into third gear
No fear
Open wide
Teeth hide behind lips
Sliding past the tip
It can just fit
I can feel it hit
The back and slide past
Slick and fast
Throat juice
Don’t puke
Roll you over in the clover
Drive into


‘Cuz I’m going
Back to her place
Sit on my face
Wiggle wiggle wiggle
Wriggle wriggle wriggle
Take a shower
Pink flower
Put that snatch
On my ‘stache
Wiggle wiggle wiggle
Wriggle wriggle wriggle
Mr Happy
Hard staffy
Move on down
Grind it ’round
Wiggle wiggle wiggle
Wriggle wriggle wriggle
Makin’ gramma
Scream and hollah
Like a schoolgirl
Rock her world
Red hair pillow swirls
Toes curled
Seed hurled
Deep inside
Spunk flies
Great ride
Side by side
Sweat dries
On our thighs
Mr Happy rise
Widen eyes
Smilin’ wide
Open thighs
Wiggle wiggle wiggle
Wriggle wriggle wriggle
Wiggle wiggle wiggle
Wriggle wriggle wriggle

Lunch Break

Still ain’t got fuckall done
The day has been a boring one
I have some targets to seek out
But I need to let the freak out

So whaddafuck, run amok
Let’s phreak the funkin’ beat out

Crank up the bass so the floor be thumpin’
Scaring the dogs away from their humpin’
Dance like a white boy herky and jerky
Fall against the wall like a shotgun blasted turkey
Dogs barking at me What the fuck you doon?
I bark right back Just movin’ to the toon!
Groovin’ ol’ grampa shakin’ up the house
Grab yo’ momma’s titties through the front of her blouse
She shower me with fi’tys
Cuz I make her feel so pretty
Then I take her to the city
Goin’ right down town!

The World Is A Moron

The revolution will not be televised
It’s happened before we even realized
How the hell you think Kony got world wide?
Vacant heads trumped it
Lolcats jumped it
If the news woulda thumped it
No one woulda bumped it
Talking to your mom half a world away
While she’s sailing on a cruise in Acapulco Bay
Live pictures from the boat as it sways
The revolution will not be televised
It’s here before out eyes as we’re hynotized
Growing up with AIDS swept aside
Pregnant teens on reality tv goes nationwide
Orange colored jersey sluts open their legs wide
Fake tits and baby cunts represent as points of pride
Poison filled lips kicking reason to the curbside
The revolution will not be televised
It’s already here inside your mind
The revolution will not be televised
The revolution you cannot hide
You cannot hide