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God Bless Chemists

Chemists Wallace Carothers, William Hanford, Donald Holmes and Joseph C. Shivers invented the provocative blend of Lycra, polyester and spandex that define today’s yoga pants. These are the men responsible for the scientific advancements that brought us these wondrous materials and the “invention” of yoga pants. Without these guys, yoga pants designers would have nothing to work with and might as well be designing khakis. Chemist Wallace Carothers launched the “spirit of yoga pants” in the 1920s and 30s. Well, more specifically, that’s the time he was working to develop polymer fibers. In 1941, two other chemists borrowed from Carothers’ work and patented polyethylene terephthalate. This opened the gateway to synthetic fibers like terylene, Dacron and polyester as well as non fibrous materials like Mylar. Study of the specific polyurethane that became Spandex dates back to 1942 with the work of William Hanford and Donald Holmes. The term Spandex was first used in 1950 and first marketed in the US in 1959. They also marketed a very similar fabric under the name Lycra. Today many consumers spend “big bucks” on yoga pants. The Financial Post reports that Lululemon Athletica customers shell out $98 per pair, even with competition from the likes of Gap, Nordstrom, and Calvin Klein. The practice of Yoga dates back more than 5000 years. How they made it so long without synthetic fibers, we may never know.

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Moustache Icicles

It’s fucking cold out!
Twenty seven below. Brrr!
Moustache icicles

Where Is The Love?

There is no love
In broken crags of rock
Shards of granite glowing ruby
Only beauty

There is no love
Under frozen turquoise emptiness
Only stillness

There is no love
In quiet trees draped with snow
Only silence

There is no love
In the belly of a dead elk
Only warmth


I checked the weather
It’s eighteen below zero
Yep. That’s about right

O Saskatchewan
The seasons we have here
Winter, eh? Hoser

Still winter, y’know
Winter is almost over
Highway construction

Untitled #242

Not a cloud in the sky
Pale turquoise to every horizon
Facing the sun I close my eyes
Through the lids my retinas redden
Cold bites on the hairs in my nostrils
Tiny tickling hair-borne icicles
Make me sneeze out smoke
As I cough and choke

I take a few moments to regain my senses
The rest of the smoking calmly commences

I stand in bright sunlight, fingers burning cold
With each outward breath I feel more ice grab hold
On the hairs on my lip, the hoarfrost grows
Under my nose, a bristly frost ‘fro

Morning Glory, Redux

Sunlight burns the walls golden
Peeping over the horizon
The wall burns ever whiter
Smoke adds to illusion
The heat moves ever lower


White hot burning gold
Trees begin to interfere
A snail’s pace crawling


Dog Finds A Tree

Branches bare and grey
A weathered tree stands lonely
In a field of gold
Turquoise sky endless
I can see the dog running

Crisp through the distance
The tree suddenly awakens
With dog’s arrival
The once empty tree explodes
Tiny birds scatter

Three seconds later
Excited barks and drumming
As tiny wings beat
Hundreds of small wings
And excited chirping cries

Crisp through the distance
My laughter turns to coughing
It’s damn cold out here
I should get back in
I smoke, waiting for the dog

Breath turns to ice
Tiny crystals floating free
Pinpoint sparkles flash
Microscopic suns
The dog returns, time to go

Greeting The Dawn

Incandescent pink
Bordering on violet
Bursts through the clouds

Good morning, Morning!
You look beautiful today
Sundering Night’s shrouds

Your gossamer wings
Glowing ultraviolet
Your glory unbowed

Shadow Dance

Beautiful dawn
Mettle to the pedal
Racing no one along empty streets

From the corner of my eye
Shattered shapes dance
Following me as I race
I turn my eyes
My racing shadow
A chaotic nebula of shards

The first crow appears
In a blink murder descends
On my racing shadow

My shadow flies free