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A poem about Chinese food

A poem about Chinese food
by Condoms

I wanted to write a poem featuring the word orgasm,
because the word orgasm is a poem unto itself.

There’s this guy, I think of him as kpaca; he’s changed his e-name a few times. I don’t know his real name, or anything about him.

Anyway, he writes stuff, and I like a lot of the stuff he writes.  One of his poems contributed towards me sitting in my chair shaking and chain smoking for a few hours:

My Night with a Lady from the Middle East
by kpaca

Chic bestiality,
lay the rain up in the vein,
immortality now formality.

Laughing, running,
shunning, cumming.

Waking vomit,
morning sonnet,
eggs for breakfast,
shriveled, broken bluebonnets.

Stumbling, rumbling,
tumbling, crumbling.


November Haiku

The Ice Maiden ventures forth…

Friendly Fairy Tales


Iceskating Fairies


Thistles with icy prickles


Nature rimmed in white

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

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Wet Dreams

I love the way these words flow. I wish my own would someday be this hypnotic.