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Untitled 121

Molecules of us
Dancing in the air
Aromatic amino acid strings
On vomeronasal receptors
Lizard brain leaps
Into conflagration



It’s Friday morn, I’m working on the phone
She sexts me porn, she wants to bone
Wondering what to do
She just wants to screw

She isn’t what I wanted
What I thought, no
She’s not even worth holding open the door
She doesn’t talk
She just wants to fuck, yeah
That’s not what I’m really looking for

Uh uh!
Uh uhh uhh uh Uh uh!

I’m getting dressed to go outside
Go have a smoke, try to decide
Steamy sex is fun
But she’s not the one

She isn’t what I wanted
What I thought, no
She’s just a junkie wanting her next score
She doesn’t talk
She just wants to fuck, yeah
That’s not what I’m really looking for

Uh uh! (Hey!)
Uh uhh uhh uh Uh uh! (Hey! Hey!)
Uh uh! (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Uh uhh uhh uh Uh uh!

Is It Strange?

Is it strange that I think of you?
That I imagine the slippery things we’d do
If we were so fortunate
That our time and space coordinates
Were to coincide? What a ride!

Is it strange that I imagine you
Hair damp and stringy, limbs askew?
Smiling up at me from below
Radiant in the afterglow
Of sweaty sex; we’re not done yet!

Is it strange that I think of your thighs
Pressing my ears to my heads side
While your fingers tear my hair
And my tongue finds that spot right there?
Off the ledge, over the edge…

Is it strange that I imagine your tummy
Your breasts, your skin, tasting so yummy?
Sweet geography worth a long exploration
Lips expressing adoration
Along the way
As we play

Why I Feel So Sexy Coming Out Of The Shower

When I was a much younger man
Wild and free
I lived with a woman
Twenty years older than me

(remember I was twenty three
not the old man you currently see
a bicycle messenger by day
some nights I’d take my bass out to play)

When I’d come home from a hard day’s riding
Glistening with sweat: fit, toned, and shining
She’d take me right to the shower stall
Scrubbing me clean, taking care with my balls
She’d clean my pipes by sucking me dry
Swallowing every spurt that went by

Afterwards she’d towel me off
And lead me to the table
We’d sit and eat, smoke and get off
Remember I’m young, so I’m able
To clear the dishes and have her for dessert
Sweet MILF pie, heavenly, bury my face in her fur
She taught me just how she liked it best
When I gave her head
And I loved to put it to the test
When she clawed my back and neck red
We’d end up on the floor soon enough
She’d beg me to slam it in; she liked it rough

In the morning when she awoke
She’d wake me in turn, giving my cock a stroke
And ride me cowgirl until I broke

Then she’d lead me to the shower stall
Wash me again, push me against the wall
Under the steamy hot water spray
Another blowjob to start my day

Untitled 857

I’d much rather date someone who knows what they’re doing
Than teach a novice the intricacies of screwing
Give me a girl wild and adventurous
And give us wild expeditions amorous
Someone who’s not afraid to say what she wants
Independent and strong willed, not a sycophant
Oh to share
My air
With someone so rare

Sit On My Face

I want you to sit on my face
Squat there, and wriggle in place
Although it may look funny
Your sweet tasting honey
Makes the gymnastics worthwhile

I want you down on all fours
Buns up, face on the floor
Let me take you from behind
And I’m sure that you’ll find
Your face will break into a smile

I want you down on your knees
I want you to give my balls a squeeze
As my cock slides in your mouth
After being in you from the south
Ass to mouth is such grand style

Rambling From A Dirty Old Man

A sweet young lady came by for a visit
Thirty three years the distance between us
Raven plumage that falls to her waist
Lips that smile and beg for a taste
Eyes mischievous children that should be spanked
And sent to bed

The inner old man leers
The outer old gimp clears
A space for beauty to reside
Conveniently right by my side
I roll a joint, spark, and pass
Of course, first to the lass
Now they’re all sitting there gaming
I’m sitting here on the phone playing
Her perfume wafting through my nose
Sends shivers coursing to my toes
And my thoughts go wandering

How I’d like to bend her over the table
One leg up at an awkward angle
Grab her hair, silky and fine
Enter her inner core from behind
Pull her head back, stretching her throat
Bite on her neck, my lips feeling her moans
Slide a hand to squeeze her breast
Pinching her nipple with every thrust
Reaching down further to feather her yoni
Licking the sweat from the heat of her glowing

Good thing she won’t read any of this
I think she’d be royally pissed
Probably she’d pull out a gun
And shoot me before I could run

Posted from my phone.

Face Fuck

Give it to me baby hot and nasty
Drop to your knees enjoy the repast eee-
Yah! Watch your teeth girl stroke it and lick it
Cock slidin’ in to your uvula stick it
Grab a hank o’ hair grab your ears shove my dick in
Mascara running down your face cuz your eyes be leakin’
Garg! Garg! Cant understand what you be sayin’
Pull your head back watch the throat juice sprayin’
Lay back on the bed
Put your head over the edge
Get the jaws of life spread
Here comes the meat sledge
Balls deep slappin’ nose
Slobber flying on our clothes
One more shove out it goes
DNA esophagus

Numbah One

I’m your number one, bitch
And don’t you forget it
I’ve got that itch
Now come and get it

Crawl across the floor
On your hands and knees
Belly to the floor
As you come to please me

Don’t you dare look away
Look me in the eye
Run your hand up my leg
Unzip my fly

Look me in the eye
As you swallow my pride
I want to see you cry
As you swallow my pride

Double fists of hair
Pull your face back
Gasping gulps of air
Mascara streaks your cheeks black
DNA love splat
Some in your hair

Ode To My Cock

I love my cock, I think it’s grand
I like to take it in my hand
And wave it about, conducting the band
I feel it’s weight bouncing up and down
I gyrate my hips and make it swing ’round
My meaty club, the head uncowled
When I put it to use, my wife always howls
It’s also a great place to hang my towel