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Kids From Jupiter

I weep at the next generation
The children are our future

I see at the children surrounding me
The young adults in the colleges and universities
I see their words
And their thoughts
They think grampa don’t tweet

Our future

I despair
And weep


‘Tis The Season

In nomeni Patri, et Fili,
Et Spiritus Sanctum
Zombie god theology
Held with spit and chewing gum
Consume the holy flesh and blood
Forgiveness for your sins
Eat the body on the wood
Cleanse your darkness from within

Free to murder and steal once more
Crying love while covered in gore

Free to lie and cheat and rape
A second’s repentance leads to heaven’s gate

Celebrate this joyous time
Spread joy as you plot
Knowing that your words are lies
Believing that they’re not

Vet Set

I served the country I called home
I was made god, held life in my hands
Blood stains my soul

When I returned home
From serving the country I called home
I was reviled
I was Baby Killer
I was the enemy of the very people I served
I was spit upon by strangers for wearing a uniform
I was fired from my first civvy job
When my Supervisor found out I was a veteran

Years later
The country that I served
The very country I spilled blood for
In a fit of patriotism
Saw fit to tear me from my family
And return me to the country of my birth
Where I knew no one
For smoking a joint

So when you tell me to have a nice Veteran’s Day
Don’t be surprised if I tell you to fuck off


Keep Your Bullshit To Yourself

I find it offensive
Throwing Jesus in my face
And you get defensive
Try to put me in my place
Either it’s all true
Or not a word of it is
You don’t get to choose
Or else it’s just horse whiz
And if it’s all true
Then who checks the balls
Of the men that come through
Into your hallowed halls?
Who kills all the women
That don’t wear a hat?
Will you offer to heaven
Your cows, heart and fat?
Don’t hand me your bullshit
And claim that it’s real
When you can’t fit
The contradictions in your spiel
The words you believe
Were written by men
Wearing misogyny on their sleeve
Mere desert barbarians
What I believe
I’ll keep to myself
The shit you weave
You can keep on the shelf

Land Of The Free, My Ass

Congress passed the Patriot Act
Twelve years ago in two thousand one
They’ve expanded it twice, as a matter of fact
For domestic intelligence fun

Now you sit with bewildered look
Wondering why the spy bosses took
Your liberty and trod it bloody underfoot

To paraphrase a dirty old man
Those that give up Liberty
For some imagined security
Deserve the shit that hits the fan

Land of the free, my ass
Mindless sheep eating grass
While the wolves drink your blood from a glass

I really don’t know what to tell you
Take a good look around you
You might find that your white picket fence
Is a prison wall in disguise
That your freedom, in its magnificence
Is naught but a trunkload of lies

What Does Abortion Have To Do With Islam And Motorcycle Safety?

Recent legislation
Being passed in your great nation
Put unreasonable restrictions
On people voting in elections

Your right to vote and heard should be sacred
But your voices are being twisted to hatred
Of anyone who isn’t rich or white
Your huddled masses can go fly a kite

Tucked in amongst these all fascist actions
Were the right wing anti abortion factions
Who snuck in hidden abortion restrictions
First attached to Islamic constrictions
Then after it had passed in the senate
They took it apart, refaced and redid it
And attached it to motorcycle saftey reform
As tho bikes and abortions are the norm

It passed in the house, too

Meanwhile, the clown car is filling
Idiots from the woodwork spilling
Out to protest their candidacy
For the next presidency
Which happens in two thousand sixteen
But Rick Santorum’s there on the screen

What is wrong with you people?

To Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District

Michelle Bachman
The canary in the crazy mine
You voted the girl in
In Two Thousand Seven
She sits as your representative
Which means you, cumulative
Are idiots


The Mayor of San Diego
Apparently likes to show
His affections quite openly
Licking obscenely
Touching inappropriately
Asking his girls to come to work commando

(He’s going back to work
As Mayor
After two weeks rehab
Two weeks
For Sexual Assault

Congress has a 77% disapproval rating
The people are starting to be hating
The lawmakers whom they put in office
Who spew shit from every orfice
Wallowing progress in its opposite
At the Capitol masturbating

The Representative from Iowa
Is making his own private war
Against the wishes of his constituents
He’s warring against immigrants
Iowa’s dollars are being spent
In the looney bin with Louisiana

(Lou thinks 90% are 130 pound kids
“With calves the size of cantaloupes
From smuggling 75 pound bags of weed
Across the desert”

When I first paid heed
To the evil weed
In 73
It was all Mexican, Columbian, rarely Thai

I’ve smoked Acapulco Gold
And Panama Red
And Kush from Viet-Nam
They don’t hold a candle
To what we have today
But were great in their day

When was the last time you had Mexican dope?
For me it was Virginia in 79
When I got to California in 80
It was already mostly local

When I left Montana in 03
All the weed was local, West Coast, or Canadian

All my weed today is local

I believe
The only place you’ll find Mexican weed today
Is in Mexico
or very close to the border
And ya gotta be desperate
Or stupid

Trust me
I know weed)

The Mayoral candidate for New York
Tweeted pictures of his dork
I don’t really need to go on
I think you see where I’m coming from
Your countrys brain is coming undone
Your countrys body shambles on like a corpse

With its dick out

Honey Boo Boo, Your Mom Is An Idiot

I’m watching a family show
From a network that claims
To be all about family

A show about a mom
Who runs a summer camp
Is divorcing her husband
(He slept with a girl, duh)
Is sleeping with a camp counselor
(Who’s a minor)
And about her teenage son
(Who’s a minor)
Who wants to get laid
Sixteen minutes into this show
I’ve already seen
On my screen

Statuatory rape
Presented as being wholesome
Underage drinking
Presented as being cute and adorable
Drug use and teen sex
Presented as whats expected
Violence, bigotry, and intolerance
Presented as that’s how it is

Now I don’t feel so bad
About my own fucked up family
At least we’re not stupid

I had to pause the shew
To vomit thus and spew

You’ve been dumbing yourselves down
Since Clarabelle the Clown
Advertisement and TV
This alleged reality
You’ve already forgotten
Why this spew was begotten
With your five minute attention span
And your brain of Raisin Bran

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

I sit sometimes and flip through channels:
Rednecks gigging frogs at a country club
UFO Aliens built a city in Georgia
Random teens doing idiotic stunts
An ad for a vibrator, followed by an ad for Cialis
Drunks trying to pick up tranny hookers
Bear Gryllis drinking his own piss

And I weep

I weep at the glorious masses
You people that had such high hopes
Such high dreams and expectations
You selfsame people who put a man on the moon
Now can’t wipe your own ass
And wish for a wider seat

I weep for you
Sitting on your fat ass eating
Things the head in the box told you were good
Industrial slag churned out by billions
The sawdust of a million trees slides down easy
With Bud Light
Drive to the mall around the corner
Ride the escalator to your second floor health club
With grease from a Big Mac staining your breath
Wondering why the promised future
– From people who you put in place
– Who had to lie and cheat to win
Doesn’t magically appear

Your ignorance and stupidity grows day by day
And you don’t even know
I weep for you

The World Is A Moron

The revolution will not be televised
It’s happened before we even realized
How the hell you think Kony got world wide?
Vacant heads trumped it
Lolcats jumped it
If the news woulda thumped it
No one woulda bumped it
Talking to your mom half a world away
While she’s sailing on a cruise in Acapulco Bay
Live pictures from the boat as it sways
The revolution will not be televised
It’s here before out eyes as we’re hynotized
Growing up with AIDS swept aside
Pregnant teens on reality tv goes nationwide
Orange colored jersey sluts open their legs wide
Fake tits and baby cunts represent as points of pride
Poison filled lips kicking reason to the curbside
The revolution will not be televised
It’s already here inside your mind
The revolution will not be televised
The revolution you cannot hide
You cannot hide