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Tanka 319

The work day endeth
Time for fresh tea and a snack
Wish I could nibble on you
I do, in my dreams
In all the nooks and crannies


Tanka 1024

I lay down once more
With turmoil raging in me
My only solace
Knowing I’ll see you tonight
Sweetest dreams, my love

Dog Finds A Tree

Branches bare and grey
A weathered tree stands lonely
In a field of gold
Turquoise sky endless
I can see the dog running

Crisp through the distance
The tree suddenly awakens
With dog’s arrival
The once empty tree explodes
Tiny birds scatter

Three seconds later
Excited barks and drumming
As tiny wings beat
Hundreds of small wings
And excited chirping cries

Crisp through the distance
My laughter turns to coughing
It’s damn cold out here
I should get back in
I smoke, waiting for the dog

Breath turns to ice
Tiny crystals floating free
Pinpoint sparkles flash
Microscopic suns
The dog returns, time to go