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Phone Poem 544

The celebrated time has passed
Sitting stoned, kids giving it the gas
Need For Speed on the PS3
Debating whether to break into the bottle
Do I have control? Is there a throttle?
I’ve had a few glasses these past few nights running
Not getting drunk, just sipping and funning
With the crowd in the living room
But now it’s just we few
And I want to have a sip
Amber fire passing my lips
Turning to a cloud of smoke
Inside my mouth

I am a junkie
I’ve been ‘clean’ for thirty years
Of course I wonder

I don’t need a drink
But I’d really enjoy one

Or am I craving
That blessed oblivion
Where thoughts disappear?

Since I’m asking myself these questions
Battering against the bastions
Of my stoned sobriety
I guess that it’ll be okay
To pour a little drink my way
That’s how I roll, my homie!

Posted from my phone.