Event: Friday Night Standard

Friday Night Standard
Thank you to our sponsors: Alphabot & CardShop
Additional tournament support by Gatherling.

What is it?
Friday Night Standard is a limited seating 1v1 tournament in Standard format on MTGO. There will be 4 rounds of Swiss pairing, with no Tx playoff. This is the same tournament format used by WotC in the daily Scheduled Events.

There are prizes for all 12 point (undefeated) and 9 point (one loss) players.

When is it?
Friday Night Standard EU happens every Friday at 1800 UTC (2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific)
Friday Night Standard happens every Friday at 830PM Eastern/530PM Pacific.

Where is it?
Games will be played on MTGO in the Play > Casual Play > Anything Goes (v3)/Constructed Open Play > Getting Serious (beta) room.

Game chat and instructions happen in the FNS room. Type /join FNS in your chat window, or select channel #FNS in the Beta client.

Does it cost anything?
Friday Night Standard is free to enter! There is absolutely no cost – other than your time – to play.

How do I register?
You may register for an upcoming event at any time on Gatherling. Registration closes at 830PM Eastern, or when 24 players have joined, whichever comes first.

Simply log onto Gatherling, go to your “Player CP”, and in the list of events, click “Register” for the event you want to play in. This will take you to a screen where you enter your decklist. Paste your decklist in here.

Gatherling registration closes at event start time! Once the train leaves the station, it’s too late to jump on.

What can I win?
Prizes are bot credits on Alphabot, or CardShop, depending on event. Prize pool will consist of one ticket credit per player who enters the event (up to 24) distributed as follows:
40% of pool split between all 12 point (undefeated) players.
60% of pool split between all 9 point (one loss) players.

How do I collect my prizes?
Your credits will be automatically added to sponsor’s bot. No action from you is required.

Fine print

  • 24 seats will be available. Seats are filled on a first come, first served basis.
  • Event will be 4 rounds of Swiss pairing. There will be no Top (x) playoff.
  • Players receive 3 points for a match win, 1 point for a match draw.
  • All pairings and standings will be generated via Gatherling.
  • Deck changes between games are not allowed.
  • Games are played in the Anything Goes/Getting Serious play room. Games must be set as Standard, watchable, timed at 30/25 minutes, best 2 of 3, and be marked “FNS Round x”.
  • First person listed makes table. Players have 10 minutes to make and join tables from time of pairings announcement.
  • Bullying, mobbing, foul language, & general rudeness will not be tolerated. This includes “snide remarks” about decks/playing ability, personal attacks, racial slurs, etc. A player will get 1 warning, then be ejected from event. Further violations after ejection may be cause for suspension from Friday Night Standard play.
  • Talking during other players games is not allowed. You may chat – within the guidlines above – within your own game. Violations by non event participants may be screenshot & reported to WotC for harassment.
  • Results must be posted via Gatherling Player CP before intermission. Results posted in the FNS chat room, or via PM, will be ignored. Results not posted before intermission will be declared a 0-0 draw.
  • WotC employees are welcome to play, but are ineligible for any prizes. We request no “shop talk”, unless prior arrangements are made.
  • “Double Queueing” is not allowed. If you are found playing in another event, including WotC events, during Friday Night Standard, you will be dropped from the event.

What about…?
If you need further information, or have a question, feel free to contact me online.


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