Event: Overdrive!

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What is it?
Overdrive! is a 1v1 single elimination tournament in Modern format. You keep playing as long as you keep winning.

When is it?
Overdrive! happens every Monday at 830PM Eastern / 530PM Pacific.

This is an 8 event trial run, with an option to renew, starting with Overdrive! #113 on January 6, 2014, and ending with Overdrive! #120 on February 24th, 2014.

Where is it?
Games will be played in the Play > Casual Play > Anything Goes (v3) / Constructed Open Play > Getting Serious (beta) room.

Game chat, registration, & instructions happen in the Overdrive! room. Type /join Overdrive! (with the exclamation point) in your chat window (v3), or join channel #Overdrive! in the chat dropdown menu (beta).

Does it cost anything?
Overdrive! is free to enter! There is absolutely no cost – other than your time – to play.

How do I register?
Registration is done via Gatherling.

What can I win?
The winner will receive CAD$10.00 gift certificate.
Runner up will receive CAD$5.00 gift certificate.

These Gift Certificates are good for use in the Face to Face games online store. Please note that Face to Face Games is a “brick and mortar” game store, and provides physical product. They do not sell digital cards.

Why are these prizes not digital?
I have a dream. A dream of closer integration between MTG and MTGO. A dream of one day being able to offer DCI/Planeswalker Points for online play. These physical prizes are a token of that dream, and the first milestone on my journey to realizing that dream.

How do I collect my prizes?

Fine print
~ Event will be single elimination.
~ Deck changes between games are not allowed.
~ Games are played in Play > Casual Play > Anything Goes (v3)/Constructed Open Play > Getting Serious (beta). Games must be set as Modern, timed at 30/25 minutes, watchable, best 2 of 3, and be marked “Overdrive! Round x”.
~ First person listed makes table. Players have 10 minutes to make and join tables from time of pairings announcement.
~ Bullying, mobbing, foul language, & general rudeness will not be tolerated. This includes “snide remarks” about decks/playing ability, personal attacks, racial slurs, etc. A player will get 1 warning, then be ejected from event. Further violations after ejection may be cause for suspension from Overdrive! play.
~ Talking during other players games is not allowed. You may chat – within the guidlines above – within your own game. Violations by non event participants may be screenshot & reported to WotC for harassment.
~ Results must be posted via gatherling Player CP before intermission. Results posted in the Overdrive! chat room, or via PM will be ignored. Results not posted before intermission will be declared a 0-0 draw, and both players eliminated.

What about…?
If you need further information, or have a question, feel free to contact me online.

You can find the original Overextended thread for this event here.

You can find a brief history of Overdrive! here.

People often ask “Why are there so many byes in the first round?” In a single elimination event, even pairings are dependent on powers of two: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and so forth. In order to avoid byes in later rounds, we first have to take it down to one these “magic numbers”. It wouldn’t do to have a bye in the semifinals, for example. So if 18 people show up, that means the first round will have 2 matches, and 14 BYEs, to take us to 16 players. I call this first round the “anti-byes”.


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