Hospital der Heilegen Geist
Getting my lungs X-rayed
Because of my stay
At Jurrasic Park

They deem it neccessary
To get a TB exam
Jurassic Park
Is a Third World Country


Missing Missy

My roommate was gone
I watched one of our pornos
And cried afterwards

Shit Manfred Says

Am Dreiundwanzigsten Sechsten
Zwei Tausend Fünfzehn
Um Zehn Uhr Zwanzig
Es ist unbedingt kalt
Im Bahnhofviertel
In Frankfurt-am-Main

Herr Mann

I met Mr. Man
The real one
Now I know
Where to go
To get my needs met

Even a bike, you bet!
I know it’ll be hot
I give a shit not


My suitcase arrives tomorrow
I am so looking forward
To changing my clothes


My roommate keeps talking
The same tales
Over and over again
Sometimes a new one
But I’ve heard about Bataya
And Thailand
And his time in jail
In Thailand
And his daughters
In Thailand
And his dogs
In Thailand
And his moped
In Thailand
And his flowers
In Thailand
And his shops
In Thailand
And his adventures
In Thailand

When he talks money
He talks in Bhat

I ain’t sayin’ shit


Another night
Sitting in the shelter
Another rip off
From street dealers
I’m learning the hard way
I ain’t got street smarts


Sitting in my window
Watching the rain fall

Deutsche Frauen haben kein Po

German women have no ass
Fit and trim in general
They have no ass
And when they do
It’s because they’re not
Fit and trim

Turkish women have ass for days

Culture Shock

Culture shock is real
On the surface
Everything looks so similar
But the underpinning skeleton
Is completely alien

All the social cues and conventions
I’ve lived with all my life
Are meaningless here

When I smile and wave a families
They don’t react like I’m a child molester
So there’s another silver lining