Published Gibberish

Overdriven! 1    A Brief History of Overdrive!
Overdriven! 2    Ban Speculation
Overdriven! 3    Kicking Off The SE’s
Overdriven! 4    Ban Rambling, Another SE
Overdriven! 5    Modern Rambling, Bloodcrank
Overdriven! 6    Firing Off A PE
Overdriven! 7    PTQ’s Away!
Overdriven! 8    PTQ Round-up
Overdriven! 9     More PTQ’s, The Tiers
Overdriven! 10     More PTQ’s, Analysis, Mono W Tron
Overdriven! 11     More PTQ’s, Tiers Revisited, GP Lincoln Speculation, TNMO 2/9, GB Necrophagia
Overdriven! 12     More PTQ’s (Death Cloud!), GP Lincoln Round-up, Dredge
Overdriven! 13     More PTQ’s, Ban Rambling, GP Turin Rambling, DKA in Modern
Overdriven! 14     More PTQ’s, New Decks, Textless Blightning Helix, But Is It Dredge?, More Ban Rambling
Overdriven! 15     More PTQ’s, Tiers Revisited, More Ban Rambling, Zoo Makes A Comeback?
Overdriven! 16     More PTQ’s, Springtime, GP Turin, Where Angels Fear To Tread
Overdriven! 17     More PTQ’s, More New Decks, Where Angels Fear To Tread, Thalia Speculation
Overdriven! 18     PTQ Wrap-up, GP Turin, The New Modern Meta
Overdriven! 19     Ham On Wry: The Erik Friborg Celebration Classic, The New Modern Meta
Overdriven! 20     More New Decks, Ham On Wry Update, AVR, Modern, and You, Meta: Delving Into Delver
Overdriven! 21     More New Decks, Ham On Wry Update, Tiers Revisited
Overdriven! 22     More New Decks, Player of the Year, Tarmogoyf Is Back, Baby!, Ham On Wry Update
Ham on Wry     Ham on Wry
Overdriven! 23     Ham On Wry Report
Overdriven! 24     More New Decks, AVR, Modern, and You: Vex Bomb, Win stuff!
Overdriven! 25     More New Decks, 25th Article!, The Meta
Overdriven! 26     More New Decks, Rambling
Overdriven! 27     Hive Mind, Blood Artistry, Kangaroo Court
Overdriven! 28     Spotlight on Modern, GP Yokohama, Blood Artistry 2
Overdriven! 29     New Decks, New Archetypes
Overdriven! 30     GP Yokohama Round-up, One Year Overdrive!
Overdriven! 31     Modern Meta Phase 3, The Tiers Revisited, GP Columbus shenanigans
Overdriven! 32     More New Decks, Poultry Coroner, GP Columbus rambling
Overdriven! 33     Communication Breakdown, More New Decks, GP Columbus venue
Overdriven! 34     GP Columbus review, The Tiers Revisited
Overdriven! 35     Rock Revisited,…
Overdriven! 36     The Text Deck
Overdriven! 37     Modern’s First!, More New Decks, Format Rambling
Overdriven! 38     Modern’s First!, More New Decks, The Meta, Format Rambling
Overdriven! 39     More New Decks, Modern’s First! Wrap-up, Monster Garage, Vacation!
Overdriven! 40     RTR: Shocklands, Jace, More New Decks, Monster Garage, Vacation!
Overdriven! 41     More New Decks, Vraska, Infect, Modern 2013, M’Banor musings, Vacation!
Overdriven! 42     Back!, Pipmpin’ Ain’t Easy, More new decks, Meta, Monster Garage
Overdriven! 43     Catacomb Slug, Valakut, Monster Garage
Overdriven! 44     More New Decks, Tiers of a Clown, TA retirement, Monster Garage
Overdriven! 45     More New Decks, New Sponsors, Monster Garage
Overdriven! 46     More New Decks, The Meta, PT Seattle, Monster Garage, A Brief History of Overdrive
Modern Mayhem     Cruel Snaps, The Vraska Package, Monster Garage Finale
Overdriven! 47     Pwn The Poobah, More New Decks, Meta Madness, A Legacy of Evil, PT Seattle
Modern Mayhem     Street Creds: Goyfless Jund & BUG Infect, Results Policy Rant
Overdriven! 48    More New Decks, Results Policy Rant, The New Meta, GP’s Lyon & Chicago
Modern Mayhem     Editorial on Censorship, Communications, and the Modern Meta
Mizz Manners, Standard, and You     Tournament etiquete, Friday Night Standard, the rant continues
Overdriven! 49     Happy Birthday to me! Spirit Jund, Street Creds: Tokens
Modern Mayhem    The Redacted Modern Meta
Overdriven! 50     One year Overdriven! Street Creds: Tokens & Goblins, GP Toronto ramblings
Two Heads Are Better Than One     Serra Ascendant, Molten Drawers
Overdriven! 51     More new decks, Meta Madness, PTQ ramble kinda
It’s Like Riding A Bicycle     Fluff piece on playing paper.
Overdriven! 52     More New Decks, The Tiers for 2013, PTQs away!
O Brother Where Art Thou?     Fluff piece on Clans
Overdriven! 53     More New Decks, GP Bilbao, More PTQs
Jund, Jund Everywhere     Jund
Overdriven! 54     More New Decks, Meta Madness, More PTQs, The New Jund
Standardization 1     Standard. Duh.
Overdriven! 55     More New Decks, More PTQs, PTQ Meta
Standardization 2     Girl Power, PT GTC Top 8, Paper Cuts
Standardization 3     Oh, The (In-)Humanity!, Hammybot, Paper Cuts
Overdriven! 56     Queen of the Universe, More New Decks, More PTQs, Meta Madness
Standardization 4     Feur Frei!, Hammybot, Paper Cuts
Standardization 5     Premiere Decks, Hammybot, Paper Cuts
Overdriven! 57     More New Decks, PTQ Wrap-up, GP San Diego
Standardization 6
Overdriven! 58
Ham on Wry II     Ham on Wry II announcement
Ham on Wry II     Ham on Wry II announcement
Overdriven! 59     More New Decks, Meta Madness, NM025 Rant
Overdriven! 60     More New Decks, GP Portland, VHS vs Beta
Standardization 7     DGM in Top Standard decks
Standardization 8     More DGM in Top Standard decks, Slivers? Really?
Overdriven! 61    More New Decks, GP Portland recap
Standardization 9     More DGM in Top Standard decks, The Rollercoaster
Overdriven! 62     More New Decks, MM, Paper, and Me
Overdriven! 63
Overdriven! 64     Overdrive! 100
Overdriven! 65     More New Decks, Kudos to WotC, Meta Madness
Standardization 10     GP Calgary
Overdriven! 66     Glass Cannon, Meta, Moderns Second announcement
Standardization 11     Oreos, GP Calgray
Overdriven! 67     GB Midrange, Jund, Moderns Second
Overdriven! 68     Decks
Overdriven! 69     Rock, GP Detroit
Overdriven! 70     Rant
Overdriven! 71     Rock, End of Overdriven!
Humans, Bloody Humans!    Soul Sisters turns bloody. Jund gets obliterated. Have you seen my stapler? Rock rules! And the usual shameless plugs.
The Slug’s Lair: On The Rocks     Featured decks: UWR Midrange, Aggro Loam Delver, Detritivore Dusty Tron, and Naya Superfriends. A rant about pooping on the floor. And the usual shameless plugs.
The Slug’s Lair: Underground     Experiments in the depths under Regina’s streets are brought to light. Announcing: Slugapalooza 2013. Gonzo Antwerpen. A Cornucopia of Meta Charts. Shameless Plugs
The Slug’s Lair: It Was A Dark And Stormy Night Storm returns. Hate Bears from the Loam, and Sovereign Conscription. Slugapalooza update. Shameless Plugs
The Slug’s Lair: Rat Devotion Rats, Tribal Flames, and a Fish Fry. Slugapalooza updates, the meta, and the usual plugs. And a rant about stability.
The Slug’s Lair: Black and Blue Mono Bruise Control, Merfolk Sing The Bruise, obliterator Devotion, BRW Control, Nythkthos Wave. Slugapalooza updates, the meta, and the usual plugs.
The Slug’s Lair: Classics Eternal Command, Aggro Loam, Modern Charbelcher. Slugapalooza updates. Mini Meta Madness. Spank The Slug!
The Slug’s Lair: Slugs and Kisses Modern Mono U Devotion. Slugapalooza wrapup. Mini Meta Madness. Spank The Slug! Friday Night Standard.
The Slug’s Lair: Bump and Grind Owling Mine, Bump, Nythos Wave (again), Mini Meta Madness, Spank the Slug!, Plugs
The Slug’s Lair: You go, Boii! Death Cloud, Delver pack, GP Praha, Meta Madness, Spank the Slug!, Plugs
The Slug’s Lair: Something Wicked This Way Comes – New Decks: Obliterator Devotion (again!), 8Rack, UB Superf(r)iends, Red Ninja Delver, Cruel Control, Boros Twin. Meta Madness. Random Gibberish. Plugs.
Overdriven! 72 – The Return of Overdrive!, Token Burn, Bloody Humans (again!), Meta Madness, Random Gibberish, Plugs
Overdriven! 73 – GP Prague ramble, GBW Tokens, MTGO Modern meta breakdown, Random Gibberish: some poems, Event results
Overdriven! 74 – Some other card games, GP Prague reflections, Cojones: Merfolk, BRW Superf(i)ends, Tin Fist, 8Rack, Meta Madness, Random Gibberish: 10 Tweets, Event results
Overdriven! 75 – Girl Power!, Decks: Robots, Dredgevine, Boros Control (Superfriends), UW Midrange, Martyr Proc, Tezz Control, Meta Madness, Random Gibberish: All Right Now, Event Results
Overdriven! 76 – PT Valencia, Decks: Basement 8Rack, Tokens, Meta Madness, Random Gibberish: Field Report by David Hunt, Event Results
Overdriven! 77 – The Fairies Are Coming! The Fairies Are Coming!, Meta Madness, Random Gibberish: Foreign Poetry, Event Results
Overdriven! 78 – Chinese Bloodcrank, Meta Madness, Random Gibberish: This Life of Mine, Event Results
Overdriven! 79 – Zoo, Meta Madness, MTG Oh!, Random Gibberish: Simulating An Earthquake, Event Results
Overdriven! 80 – Pt Valencia, Canadian Philosophy, Meta Madness, Random Gibberish: There Goes Another Brain Cell, Event Results
Overdriven! 81

  • GP Richmond thoughts
  • Obliterator Rock
  • Jund
  • Titan Ramp
  • Tezz Control
  • Glass Cannon
  • Meta Madness
  • Random Gibberish: 10 Tweets
  • Event Results

Overdriven! 82

  • Twinless Twin
  • Zombies
  • Meta Madness
  • Random Gibberish: The World is a Moron
  • Event Results

Overdriven! 83

  • Suicide Sundial
  • Meta Madness
  • Random Gibberish: Geography, Cartography, Calligraphy
  • Event Results

Overdriven! 84
Overdriven! 85
Overdriven! 86
Overdriven! 87
Overdriven! 88
Overdriven! 89

  • Silver, Movies, And Bookies
  • Ham on Wry III
  • Meta Madness
  • Random Gibberish: 4 poems
  • Overdrive! 129 Results

Overdriven! 90

  • Communications
  • GP Minneapolis
  • Wide Beta
  • Meta Madness
  • Random Gibberish: 2 poems
  • Overdrive! 130 Results

Overdriven! 91

  • Modern Event Deck
  • Judge promos
  • PTQ Season is coming
  • Meta Madness
  • Random Gibberish: Looney Sonnet
  • Overdrive! 131 Results

Overdriven! 92

  • Ride The Lightning
    • White Lightning x2
    • RDW Burn
    • RDW Aggro
    • Bump
  • And Then Some Other Stuff Happened
  • Meta Madness
  • Random Gibberish: Senility & Otto Traversing The Stairs
  • Overdrive! 132 Results
  • Soundtrack: Metallica/Ride The Lightning

Overdriven! 93

  • Rambles on worship, Worth, WotC, MTG, and MTGO
  • Death Cloud
  • And Then Some Other Stuff Happened
  • Meta Madness
  • Random Gibberish: Does This Smell Funny To You?
  • Overdrive! 133 Results

Overdriven! 94:

  • Fairies Wear Boots!
  • Meta Madness and MTG TwitNews
  • Random Gibberish: Fiat Lux
  • Overdrive! 134 Results
  • Soundtrack by Black Sabbath

Overdriven! 95:

  • Spreading Seas
  • Meta Madness and MTG TwitNews
  • PTQ Roundup
  • Random Gibberish: First Snow
  • Overdrive! 135 Results

Overdriven! 96:

  • Modern comes to the SCG Open!
  • The Book of The Twin
  • The Book of The Twinless
  • Meta Madness & MTGTwitNews
  • PTQ Roundup
  • First Vintage results
  • Random Gibberish: Potato Chips, Alone In An Empty House At 9PM When It’s Forty Below Out, & The Downward Spiral
  • Overdrive! 136 Results

Overdriven! 97:

  • Overdrive! Turns 3! (and I’m handing out MM boosters!)
  • The New Beta
  • Meta Madness & MTGTwitNews
  • PTQ Roundup
  • Random Gibberish: Hunger
  • Overdrive! 137 Results

Overdriven! 99:

  • Bad Moon Rising: a Vintage event w/Vintage Masters boosters
  • Meta Madness & MTGTwitNews
  • PTQ Roundup
  • Random Gibberish: Plug Me Into Something
  • Overdrive! 139 Results

Overdriven! 100:

  • Bling, Innuendo, and The Art of Buttcrackery: Modern Gruel Control
  • Bad Moon Rising #1 wrapup
  • Meta Madness & MTGTwitNews
  • Random Gibberish: I Had A Dream
  • Overdrive! 140 Results

Overdriven! 101:

  • Pox Devotion: This is casual, right?
  • Meta Madness & MTGTwitNews
  • Random Gibberish: Lonely Breakfast
  • Overdrive! 141 Results

Overdriven! 102:

  • Rambles
  • Medieval History
  • Meta Madness & MTGTwitNews
  • Random Gibberish: CCC 2012 vids
  • Overdrive! 142 Results

Overdriven! 103:

  • Are you OK?
  • Meta Madness & MTGTwitNews
  • Overdrive! 143 Results

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